No! Not the children..


It’s well established that I am not a fan of that horrible green leaf called kale.

I don’t like kale chips or drink kale smoothies, so stop asking.

I won’t eat it and you can’t make me, no matter how constant the bombardment.

So imagine my horror when I saw the advertisement for this abomination of a product….




Not the children!



A kale chew toy?

Wouldn’t that be more suited for a dog?

What the utter Hell!



38 thoughts on “No! Not the children..”

  1. You are very lucky to not be living down South. I think that might be a cardinal crime-kind of like taking a picture of grits by the New Yorkers in My Cousin Vinny! You would be amazed how with bacon, or even in frozen fruit kale is good!

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      1. Wow, my first foray into LA (Lower Alabama) was sampling grits. I have learned to enjoy them with shrimp or for breakfast. Publix has a great bag of frozen fruit and one day I picked it up with kale by mistake. Not so bad and healthy!

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  2. While I must agree that kale, not marijuana, is the real weed from the devil’s garden, it’s not completely useless. It makes some dandy shingles, you can resole your shoes with it, patch a tire or wet sand your fender. Good stuff, just stop trying to misrepresent it as food.

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