She didn’t quite grasp the concept.


When the weather turns dry and hot I always wonder how wild creatures find water. And since I was throwing apple pieces out to momma woodchuck and her brood, I thought I would try something new.



A large container of fresh cool water.



Unfortunately it sat there all day… untouched. She had no interest whatsoever.

Oh well. I tried…


28 thoughts on “She didn’t quite grasp the concept.”

  1. We did that one summer during severe drought conditions – water for the local rabbits. We used an aluminum pan. However, we miscalculated the excitement the birds would also find water…in an aluminum pan…at ground-level. Their pecking made holes…and out the water went. Made another attempt with a plastic pan. We were never sure if the rabbits made use of the water, but at least this time they had a chance to,

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