Twenty one years ago… when we moved back to Maine and bought our house in the country, I gazed across the road at the giant empty field and dreamt of cows.

Yes, I’m that person. The one you take on road trips who points out the window and yells cow! every time she spots one.

I’m not sure why. I certainly didn’t grow up with bovines in New Jersey, but I’ve always found something immensely soothing about watching cows graze quietly in a meadow.

As you know, the property across the road was sold to an organic vegetable farmer… and while over the years he’s had goats and chickens and ducks, nary a cow has been spotted.

I’d given up my dream of wandering across the street and making hooved friends.

But last weekend?

I spotted something wonderful next door.

Something I never thought I’d see….





Well, a two week old calf to be precise… happily munching our neighbors front lawn. One ecstatic phone call later I learned he’s actually a class project for a grand daughter. Feed and raise a cow? That was never part of my school curriculum, but yay!

Our neighbor told me she has a feeling the adorable (cow!) project will more than likely be a permanent resident when all is said and done.

And I am beyond thrilled.




27 thoughts on “Weeeeee!!!”

  1. I understand your joy and seeing such a cute, young calf.
    I remember visiting my paternal grandparents, some 60 years ago, who lived in Southern England and seeing cows in those beautiful green fields. My grandfather had a few cows that he milked manually and would bring home a pint a day. My grandmother would then separate the cream to make butter.
    When my parents moved to SW France back in the late 70s there were cows everywhere but the scenery has changed dramatically since. No cows to be seen anywhere.😔

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  2. Oh that’s a wonderful improvement to your neighborhood. You’ll be saying MOO! every day now. I will warn you that cows are more noisy than you might think they’ll be. We lived near some years ago in our previous house. Just saying…


  3. If that cow should ever decide to roam,
    I hope your neighbor searches til the cow comes home.
    And if he can’t find her, you can come to his ‘escape- aid’
    By giving Lord Dudley the job (assuming he’s not afraid).

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  4. As someone who did grow up around cows, I never appreciated them the way I do now. There is a dairy in the small town I come from and then several dairy’s started popping up. So I’ve seen cows all my life, and when I moved away no cows. As of the time I started my new job I see cows on a daily basis, even going over to snuggle a calf or two every so often. Cows, you got to love them! 💕💕

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  5. I wonder if the granddaughter is in 4-H … or if 4-H is still around …

    I have been around cows most of my life, so the bloom is off that rose … but if you want to really have fun, take a few unshucked ears of corn over to them and watch how they take them from your hands!

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