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Let there be light….


Bright and early Sunday morning the husband and his friend were hard at it.

Removing the stuffing they’d previously stuffed and drilling holes for the continuous feed wires to slip through.



This, as you can imagine…. was a royal pain in the  *ss.




But finally,  it was ready for a light fixture.

And my husband used the pool table as an auxiliary ladder.






A light fixture.




Which receives the husband’s very technical and OSHA approved tug test.

Just kidding, OSHA reps run screaming in horror from any project my husband oversees.

More stuffing, more plywood.



Light fixture number two was not at all cooperative, and adjustments I don’t even want to contemplate were made.

This might be a good time to mention the time my husband installed a ceiling fan in our living room in North Carolina.

It took an electrician 2 hours to undo that mess.



But after an hour of tinkering, and some oh so colorful language…

Fixture two was up.



Were the proper amount of decorative screws used?  They were not.

Was it in perfect alignment with the first light fixture?  It was not.



But since this simple job took them over 5 hours?

I doubt they cared.


  • For informational purposes only – the husband can not decide whether he wants to put ceiling fans in between the lights or just another light, hence the open middle space.

1980’s Hell.


Another weekend in the big barn insulation/ceiling project commenced, but this time reinforcements were needed on day 1.



Because in as little as an hour? We proved that I can’t reliably hold plywood panels over my head long enough for my husband to figure out where to screw them.

Go figure.



So with the help of  a friend, insulation was stuffed, plywood was screwed and the part that gives me hives took place.



The husband…. playing with live electrical wires.

This is not a good combination and doesn’t always end well… but no one was electrocuted, so we call that a win.



The  bane of my current existence  pool table was moved to it’s new home spot.



And after a little trial and error, no toes were broken.



Also a win.



As soon as it was set up?



It was covered with plywood and a very rugged protector…. because no man cave should be without a touch of lace.

The next day we were off to Lowes for a tad more insulation.






We dragged it inside, and then all the crap that started here….




That was then moved over here….




Had to be moved upstairs.



Ask me again how much I’m loving this free pool table.

Go ahead, I dare you.

Once the  temporarily mounted my ass  stereo was uncovered, the husband found part of my old collection of 1980’s cassette tapes.



And while I stand by my CSN, Queen, Clapton, Dire Straits and Grateful Dead picks….. the 2020 River cringed at the sight of Madonna, Richard Marx and the Bangles.



And if that wasn’t bad enough..

He also found a box of albums he bought sight unseen at a yard sale years ago…. which meant this was blasting from his recently mounted speakers:



All Night Long?


Preferably not even for 5 minutes.