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White Horse for lunch….


No, we didn’t eat Trigger.




But Trip Advisor did lead us to one of the best restaurants ever.




The White Horse in New Preston Connecticut.




Yo, Trigger. Trot across the street will ya…




It was quite nice inside with warm woods, and a rustic English country pub atmosphere.




Yes, that’s a motorcycle enshrined behind the bar.




But not just any motorcycle. This was a 1920 Indian Scout, the first production year for what would eventually evolve into the famous Chief.


But more importantly….




I began working my way down the martini list.




The Ginger Horse was first up… and first rate.




While we cruised the menu, I noticed there were some very interesting pieces scattered  around the various rooms.

Take a look.

The husband ordered a chicken tender appetizer, and the presentation was kind of cute.




So while he ate, I drank. And the White Horse Cosmo was so good I forgot to photograph it.




Husband opted for the Chicken Pot Pie… and talk about presentation.




Isn’t that just the best?




I went for the Kobe beef burger with caramelized onions and blue cheese, which had a horse grilled into the bun. They’re nothing if not loyal to their brand.

Drink #3 was the Freedom Horse, because sure…

I can be loyal too.

And who could resist their desserts?




Not me.

Banoffi Pie – toffee, banana cream filling, and whipped cream with a chocolate drizzle. Favored at Buckingham Palace, they say.

I agree with the Queen.  It was amazing…




And came with prerequisite horse.

Trigger would be proud.




Okay, okay. Technically Trigger wasn’t white.

But Buttermilk, Dale Evans’ horse, was.

And who cares?

They’re both dead, stuffed and won’t mind if I take a little artistic license.







The Freight Yard pub…


After a full day with butterflies and bugs, we headed to a restaurant that came highly recommended by friends.




But first, some random Berkshire scenery.



All of New England is famous for it’s churches….




And Massachusetts is no exception.




I particularly like the ones made of stone.




There wasn’t much in the way of bright autumn color, but every now and then we caught a glimpse.




A pie bar?

Now that something yours truly will belly up to any old day…..




As evening was descending we drove through Williamstown….




A lovely town, home to Williams college….




And more of those impressive stone churches.




We had a hard time finding this particular restaurant…




As it really was in an old freight yard on the other side of the tracks. We stumbled around out back for a while, trying to find the entrance… when the owner took pity on us and hollered out the window, “Get in here you silly gits. It’s raining… or hadn’t you noticed?”

Ah… a snarky barkeep. I felt at home already.




It was a friendly place, with lots of locals giving each other a pleasantly hard time.




I can heartily recommend the cranberry margaritas. The first went down quickly, the second was tasty… and the third? The husband said I enjoyed it, so I’ll have to take his word for it.




Of course, he had a few of these. So make of that what you will…




The French Onion Soup burger sounded interesting but once again, my inner pasta demon was calling.




Pan seared scallops and shrimp in a lemon and white wine sauce with spinach, tomatoes, garlic and parmesan cheese served over homemade fettuccine with garlic bread. Holy Hell, that was the richest thing I’ve ever eaten. Almost too rich… if there is such a thing.




The husband opted for pan seared scallops that were then baked with a seafood stuffing in a garlic cream sauce, baked potato and seasonal veggies.

We poured ourselves out of there.

Literally and figuratively.







Powder Hounds.





Well, no.




But that’s the general idea.

Night 3 found us at a nice little restaurant right past the driveway of our resort.




It was a rustically (is that not a word?) attractive, homey place…. nestled right at the foot of the Jiminy Peak Ski slopes.




Full of warm wood and earth tones, and hounds on the walls.




The drinks were nothing memorable, no specialty cocktail list and just your average margarita. (Okay, 3 average margaritas… geesh.)




But the menu was comical…




And the shrimp scampi flatbread appetizer to die for…..




It was a quiet, relaxing spot to end the day.



Alright already….

You people are so pushy.




Chicken marsala with whipped potatoes for me. I passed the nasty orange slop to the husband who loves squash….




A strange looking chicken cacciatore  for him, but he didn’t complain so that’s a plus.




I wanted him to order the sundae, because who can resist bacon sprinkles? But no.

He did however ask me for my phone after he went into the men’s room.

I didn’t really like where that was going….. but he only came back with this:




A funny poster about brewing beer that was over the urinal.

Bless his little heart, he likes to share.




And then there was food…


And drink.

I never realized how interested my readers are in what I eat and drink on vacation until I blogged a few posts without sustenance photos.



Calm down people!

We were busy… all in good time.




Day 2  (Yes, we’re only on day 2. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) ended with us finding a quirky little place called the Olde Forge.




I had to question the logic of having a pumpkin carriage driver, but took my chances and went in.




The decor was more early bar room than old forge…. but after perusing their drink menu I was sold.




Come to Mama Fall Festive-Tini!

And they did.

Three of them, which were so delicious  (not to mention potent)  I didn’t have the time  (or the brain cells)  to photograph them.




Had I wanted beer, this was the place. Their list was 6 pages long, front and back. I could have easily done flights until I asked the pumpkin for a ride home…

But the husband’s favorite thing in the world is French Onion Soup and the menu was raving about theirs, so we both tried it.




Holy Hell, there must have been a pound of cheese! And I ate every gooey, fattening mouthful. The broth was dark and rich, filled with onions and wine.

Life was good!

My entree? Wild Mushroom Ravioli with a sun dried tomato and basil cream sauce.




Need I say more?

The husband opted for Maple Teriyaki Glazed Salmon with roasted acorn squash.




He liked it, but complained it was too sweet.



Maple? Plus Teriyaki? Not exactly lemon pucker power there….

At times I think the husband suffers from ordering anxiety. It went something like this :

The waitress appeared, I order rapidly (Because I’m a woman, I know what I want) and he sat there with a blank look on his face. The waitress tapped her foot, I made suggestions, he gave me “The Look”,  (If you’re married you know what The Look is, and how utterly ineffective it can be on snarky spouses.) She asked if he neededmore time, he said no (but really meant yes) and then ordered the first thing that caught his eye. Oh, btw? He hates food covered in sweet glazes and sauces. I told him that… and got another Look.

We waited for the food, I drank. The food came, I drank. He wasn’t happy, I drank. Do you see the pattern here? The more he complained, the more I laughed (and screamed I Told You So in my head). Whatever. He ate it all… and if push came to shove would probably order it again.

He’s been doing that for 34 years, what can I say?

Don’t even get me started on Pesto.




Because Boothbay Harbor is never a bad idea…..


Of course in the summer, when it’s full of tourists it can be a bit crazy… but we managed to snag an outdoor table at our favorite place.

No, it’s not directly on the water…




But ever since they tore down the old bowling alley….




And the new condos that are slated for construction haven’t sprung up yet, there’s a view.




But you don’t go to Boathouse Bistro for the views.

You go for the food.

Pan seared citrus scallops drizzled with orange oil on creamy parmesan risotto.

 Heaven on a plate right there.




If you go, try a Harborside lemonade.

Proof positive everything is better with vodka.