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What’s in a name?


Clearly, everything.

As evidenced by this product a FB friend bought for her family.



Well, you have to admit…. it’s catchy.

And I suppose techies will enjoy having a set of controls to play with while on the throne.



But what tickled me the most (while performing the due diligence blog research my readers have come to expect but neither care about nor want) was the ad campaign.

Save money on toilet paper!

Very timely.

Should I be worried?


As a rule, my husband is not a reader.

At work he has to read dry as dust government documents and regulations all day long …. so for relaxation at home? It’s usually mindless television.

He does however keep a steady supply of magazines for perusing while on the throne.

And since my late aunt ran a department at Time/Life, Time magazine has always been a staple.

My question is….



Should I be worried by what he’s reading this week?