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News you can’t use.


Because I live for odd headlines.



If they’re anything like Twinkies, I’m sure they still tasted fine.



Yes, in 1945 American GI’s liberated a little girl’s birthday cake along with Italy. She looks quite happy now, so I guess what they say is true… it’s never too late for cake.



While we welcome all wild visitors for a nosh at Casa River … this makes me glad I don’t live in Florida.



Is this really a gift? I’m going with no.


News you can’t use.


Because I like to keep my readers well informed. .



This is good news. Next time the husband ignores me while watching some ludicrous old western on tv? I’m going outside to talk to the ‘shrooms.



For the love of God, why? Who would buy such a thing…



You heard it folks, move fast.

Like you have to after each and every time you eat at McDonalds.



I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say if you have a 36 foot yacht? You’re probably not that worried about work in the first place.



Yes, from the people who brought you How To Bake A Potato … the sequel.

Wash sweet potato.

Pierce sweet potato.

Bake sweet potato.

Riveting stuff… no?


Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?


On a late afternoon trip to Home Depot for baby barn supplies….and okay, maybe a plant or two…. we were desperately hungry and hit the McDonalds drive thru.

If you know how much we hate McDonalds, you’ll know how desperately hungry we were.




Geranium perched between my legs, we scarfed down the  (is this supposed to be edible?)  food.

And while we were doing that?




They gathered.




One  by one, on both sides… as well as in the front and the back.

Not wanting to re-create a Tippi Hendren phone booth scene, we ate quickly and fled.

Where’s the fish?


We love trying new restaurants and supporting small local businesses, so when Urban Element opened?

We were all in.




Do you love me?

Am I supposed to love you?

I just walked in…

Stop trying so hard.




The new trend in restaurant decor in Maine seems to be minimalist rustic. While I’m fine with barn boards and a lack of clutter….




The chairs that are popping up everywhere seriously make me want to scream.

They’re metal, with small seats and side bars that painfully pin you in place. Definitely not for the amply hipped who walk amongst us.

If the plan is to get you in and out quickly?

These rustic torture devices do the trick.




It was Sunday afternoon at 2:00. And a couple of Happy Time Fizz cocktails made me quite happy indeed….

But here’s another trend that continues to tick me off.





I understand, it’s the weekend. You don’t get up early, and you want to eat breakfast late. Fine.

But it’s 2:00pm people! If you just recently rolled out of bed? You’re a teenage stoner sleeping one off and can’t afford these prices anyway.

To me, 2:00pm means lunch…even on Sunday. I had eaten breakfast 7 hours ago and didn’t feel the need to repeat the process.

The specials? All breakfast. The menu? 99% breakfast with one exception. The fried haddock sandwich.


Bring it…




They brought it..

But damn.




I’ve had thicker fish sandwiches at McDonalds and I wasn’t even sure that was fish.




Mentally tallying up the reasons we weren’t apt to go back to this restaurant, I did what any normal  (still rather hungry from lack of fish)  girl would do.




I drowned my sorrows in flourless chocolate torte.




That’s my kind of math.