Things I don’t like today… chapter 2.


I don’t like…




Going out to the barn for something and finding the husband has bought another…. yeah, whatever the hell that is.

It’s a good thing he has a fold up cot in there. He might be needing it.


I don’t like….

Going  out to the barn for something, and not being able to find it because the husband has too much  rusty old useless crap  treasure stacked in there. And I really don’t like having some of that crap fall on my still sore, recently broken, now permanently out of whack toe.





Another month of not wearing a shoe. Good times…


I don’t like…

Getting out of my car after driving to the store and finding I’d committed Monarchacide.




Poor little beauty.

I didn’t see you…. honestly.




And finally,

I don’t like….




Unicorn onesies for adults.

Come on….




I say, that’s who.

I will not have a good time cleaning and organizing my house in a unicorn onesie.

Good God, what’s wrong with people?

That’s what tequila is for.





47 thoughts on “Things I don’t like today… chapter 2.”

  1. Geez, adult onesies, what are people thinking? I can’t clean or organize unless I’m dressed in old jeans, T-shirt and old sneakers because you never know what kind of crap is going to land on you. Sorry about your toe River, I hope it heals fast, but try staying out of the “barn-o-crap” to be safe.

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  2. You have a barn??! How freaking cool. I have no idea what that contraption is in your barn but it looks cool.

    Ouch…Your toe looks really bruised up, RiverGirl, damn…Are you still hurting? Your nail polish 💅 looks pretty though. That red looks good on you.

    “Monarchacide”; I swear every time I read your blog I learn new words. 😃

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    1. We have a large 2 story barn with a farmers porch. Hubby built it by himself over the past 6 years …. nights and weekends. I’m not sure it will ever be truly “finished” but it’s there. I’ve posted numerous pictures of it.

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      1. And yet I have missed all the numerous pictures posted of it…I wish I could spend more time reading/viewing the blogs that I love but alas…

        Kudos to your man for doing all that work. He is indeed special but I already knew that since he is married to you.

        I don’t know why the idea of a barn intrigues me so much, but it does. 🙂

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  3. Ouch, your poor toe. The butterfly reminds me of a family trip we took when I was a kid – when we pulled into a rest stop off the thruway, Dad found a bird wedged into the front grill. He actually got tears in his eyes – and I always thought my father was sooo tough.

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  4. My Sassy is heavy into onesies. She’s got alpaca, unicorn, Eeyore, Mickey Mouse, cat — and also, she is always cold and sleeps under 11 blankets in a room which is rarely clean and is organized maybe twice a year. So you know, I don’t need a onesie in my life, but I will take you up on the tequila 😉

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  5. At first glance, your potato/yam/whatever planter looked like a sled of some sort…but, that’s what I get for looking at pix on a phone in low light.

    My toe hurt in solidarity.

    Poor butterfly.

    I know what a unicorn is. I know what a onesie is (sadly). WTF is an Emolly? 🤔

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