An open letter to 1800PetsAndVets and Discount Coupons Now….


Dear Pets and Coupons,

While I thoroughly applaud your tenacious natures, the madness must stop. Save us both some time and aggravation and cease your current cycle of repetitive following. If you haven’t figured it out by now,  I don’t allow my reader list to be clogged with random businesses, and will continue to zap you on a thrice daily basis.

If you’re people who actually reads my blogs?

Great! Drop a comment so I know there’s a real live human being behind the clicks… and I’ll welcome you aboard.

But Pet, from the look of your page….





You’re a bot and I won’t tolerate those just to juice my numbers… or my ego.

I remove you both every single day. Multiple times…and still, you return.

It’s become a game. Morning Follow… Morning Zap. Afternoon Follow… Afternoon Zap. Evening follow… Evening Zap. Well, I’m getting a little tired of playing.

Let this serve as a warning, I have an infinite amount of patience and will outlast you.





That’s me.

So please….




And let me go.


Sincerely yours,




38 thoughts on “An open letter to 1800PetsAndVets and Discount Coupons Now….”

    1. Yes, there is. I recently had to block a troll. Now I vet every new user and deal with them accordingly, It’s in the MySites section where it lists the stats – at the top it tells how many followers there are. Clicking on that (“Followers”) brings up the list of viewers and then allows you to delete those you don’t want. I usually leave all my followers, even the fake ones, until they become troublesome because I do like seeing that number go up.

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      1. Ah, should have read this comment first! Go back up to my replay to Dan for instructions on how to block a follower. BTW, deleting them only from WP isn’t enough. You may also have to block them from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any other social media you use. And they’ll probably come back using a different name anyway, so you need to be vigilant.

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      2. Yeah, while you can block them on Facebook and Twitter, you can only remove them on WordPress, in which case they can re-follow if they wish. And of course, anyone can read without following. There’s no way around that.


  1. I’ve been thinking of doing a post just on all the spam comments I get. All I really want to know is why that one keeps offering male enhancement products and who’ve they been talking to?

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