White Mountains trip…Day 2. Mount Washington Valley and Jackson Village.


After our moose sighting, we set out through the Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire.




We’ve done Washington many times and this trip we were just passing through…




It was a crisp and clear 64 degrees down below…




But she already had a 4 inch dusting of snow.




Not yet, thank you very much.

I’ll stay down below where it’s warmer and greener.




Next stop?

Jackson N.H….. where they’re famous for their falls. They’re a little hard to find but when you see houses with backyards like this –




You know you’re getting close.




Along the way, the husband was fascinated by an early snow plow….




But I told him keep walking…. it won’t fit in the barn.




We headed down a path looking for the falls….




And found a few rocks…




With a wedding venue set up alongside. A sign said the public was invited, and to feel free to come as you are.

You have to love New England.




Still looking for the falls, we backtracked, and walked up a steep sidewalk past a very pink cottage.




And found more rocks.



Some running water….




And the soon to be married couple…




Taking some wedding portraits with an interesting backdrop.

And finally,  the bottom of the falls….






29 thoughts on “White Mountains trip…Day 2. Mount Washington Valley and Jackson Village.”

  1. How beautiful, I know I keep saying that but it’s true. Your so lucky to be so close (within driving distance) to such beautiful scenery. I wonder if the bride was cold? She had on a dress with no sleeves or back, just wondering. Those houses look idyllic for sure.

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  2. I’m enjoying tagging along vicariously on your fall colors tour! Such gorgeous colors, and your photos and videos are wonderful. Thank you; it’s a part of the country I’ve always wanted to visit, but haven’t yet. Some day, and that day will be in autumn.

    Liked by 1 person

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