Diana’s Baths Part 5… rocks, foliage and zombie toes.


Okay… I lied. When we discovered the cairn garden I thought we were at the top, but it turns out we weren’t.




Yes ladies and gentlemen….




There will be more rocks.




And trees.




And trees that hug rocks.




But I promise you…





This time we had found the top.




But standing there, it really does make you wonder where all the water comes from.




The pools are shallow and yet the water keeps flowing… and flowing… and flowing.

Flowing so much in fact..




You knew that was coming, right?

Add another christened outhouse to the list.

Done with the Baths, we back headed down.




Through some lovely paths…




Where sometimes you just have to look up.




And soak in the splendor of autumn.

Naturally, when you look up…. you’re apt to trip over something you would have seen if you were looking down.

Like I did.




Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees a half buried zombie toe here.




And here.

Overgrown toenails et al.

It’s enough to make a girl shiver…

And crave a fortifying alcoholic beverage.




Which I found here.




At the Black Cap Grille, one of our favorite spots in North Conway.




Happily fortified with cocktails and a yummy grilled Caesar salad (If you’ve never eaten it this way? Start now)

And some succulent crab cakes…




We called it a day.




37 thoughts on “Diana’s Baths Part 5… rocks, foliage and zombie toes.”

  1. Would you believe 1) I did see the zombie toe? 2) Not only have I not had a Moscow Mule? I have not had crab cakes. 3) I don’t know what to write here because just 2 didn’t sound good.

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  2. “a yummy grilled Caesar salad (If you’ve never eaten it this way? Start now)” Calling that a Caesar Salad is like calling a veggie burger a burger!!! Sacrilegious! I spent 4 years serving Caesar Salads by making them table side and it is a lot of work but worth smashing an anchovy melding it with a clove of crushed garlic tossing the greens with a egg yolk and using fine virgin oil!

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  3. After all these posts, I feel like I’ve got rocks in my head (I know, it’s not like it’s something I didn’t already have). It’s just that I’ve just about run out of comments about rocks (I’m not a rock scientist, you know).

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