Colonial Williamsburg museums…. Folk Art tree, vintage weapons, furniture and an 18th Century catwalk.


There are two distinct collections in what used to be the lunatic asylum building… The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum and the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum.

It’s a bit fluid when you enter…




And since it was the Christmas season I wasn’t surprised to see one of these.

Please note there’s a chicken instead of an angel on the top. I’m not sure what that means, other than there might be a secret cult of barnyard fowl practicing nearby. Which lead me to Google image search ‘religious chicken’ and then I was off….








I’m easily distracted… but you have to admit,




This architect had a sense of humor.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program:




The story behind it was interesting.




Me like.




Though I doubt I’ll be making my own or buying the book.




And opposite the festive tree?




Implements of death….




Because nothing says holiday cheer like various ways to kill each another.




But even I have to admit they were beautiful specimens.




And if you look closely, you can see the scowling face on the bottom of the grip.

I read the DeWitt has the largest collection of southern furniture in the world…




And I believe it.




There were rows and rows of unique examples.




There were also some fabulous fashions of the day.




And yes…








And if that wasn’t wonderful enough… there was 300 year old fabric.




And a vintage runway.




Those little harlots.

Did you see how much ankle she was showing?


20 thoughts on “Colonial Williamsburg museums…. Folk Art tree, vintage weapons, furniture and an 18th Century catwalk.”

  1. There are enough ornaments on that one tree to cover two trees. I like the theme and the ornaments themselves, but a bit of space among them would enhance their charm. Overdecorating, I don’t like it, she clucks.

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  2. Seeing the old furniture reminded me of our “antiquing” trip we took up on the Eastern Shore last weekend. My wife wanted to get an old chest to put all our blankets in. We saw some really cool ones that I thought would fit the bill nicely. She picked the ugliest, rustiest, POS in the place. She’s going to restore it she says. As of now it is still sitting in the garage. I’m wondering how long it will be there? You have experience in this area. Care to weigh in?

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  3. I love that tree!! Maybe next year, okay no not maybe. The boys won’t let me decorate our tree any other color than black, yellow and white (Steelers colors) lol.

    There’s a church here in town that, now that you mention it, has the exact same design as the “Chicken church.” And now I’m not going to be able to pass by it without trying to find the chicken face, thanks River.

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  4. I was less interested in the women’s shoes and more interested in what that guy was wearing. That was pretty cool that his turban and toes matched. I’m not very fashion-forward but I would like to see a little more flair in what we men wear, even if most 18th century fashions wouldn’t survive the washing machine’s spin cycle.

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