Portraits continued…. funky hair, warts and finally, food.




Crossing back over to the DeWitt side of the museum, things got a bit more formal.




And a trifle bizarre.




I think a little 18th Century photoshopping was in order here.




Okay then.




I saw the portrait of the gentleman on the left and thought, “What’s with the hair?”




And apparently I wasn’t the only one who asked.




It was an extensive gallery.




And according to George…. will be even more extensive soon.




Another sad statement of the times.




This couple struck me as a little odd.




Is it me or does the wife’s right arm look a wee bit…. off? As in, did the creepy husband chop it off and line it back up for the portrait?

We’ll never know.

At the far end of the gallery there was a video that was oddly mesmerizing.



And then on the way out there was a chair, which I forgot to photograph.

But George didn’t like it.




Chairs that were no good for sitting.





Through with the museum, we realized we’d not only skipped lunch but were now ready for dinner.

When I asked the husband what he was in the mood for, he said anything… so I picked a well reviewed barbecue restaurant in Williamsburg.




And the husband didn’t like it from the minute we stepped through the door.





Who knows.

They brought us yummy cornbread to munch while we looked at the menu.




Which he also didn’t like.

Pulled pork sundae? Come on… what’s wrong with that!

I managed to talk him into staying for appetizers.




So he had a chili he didn’t like either.




I went with some spicy steamed shrimp.




And while the rest of the customers were enjoying large platters of succulent looking food, he told me to pick another place because all they had on the menu was barbecue.

Gee. Who woulda thunk it?

People always think I’m the picky one, but when it comes to eating out my husband will drive you to drink.

Which in my case isn’t necessarily a negative…. but still.




The second restaurant that night was Italian.

Everyone raved about Sal’s, so I figured, why not?




He couldn’t complain about the menu being small.




It went on for multiple pages.




The garlic knots were perfect.

(Okay, I ate 4. Don’t judge.)




The salads were fresh and tasty.




My veal Marsala was tender, perfectly cooked and filled with wine soaked mushrooms.




He certainly couldn’t complain his chicken parmigiana was a small portion.

Good God, it was huge.

But you know what? He didn’t like this place either.

And heck, I’m the one who should have been complaining….there were no cocktails!









21 thoughts on “Portraits continued…. funky hair, warts and finally, food.”

  1. OMG, a barbecue place only served barbecue?! The nerve! I remember my dad used to ask me all the time about what restaurants I liked, so he could try something new. I made the mistake of taking him to one. It was known for their German food, so of course, he ordered the taco salad. 🙄 And complained about it the whole time. Then he would wonder why I’d never suggest anyplace new after that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Man, the bbq would have been good. But try and get a moody hubs to do what he doesn’t want to. That last couple in portrait are very, very creepy, the dude looks like Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands, ewww…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All right! All right! All right! Now those food pictures were worth going through all the other ‘stuff’!!!
    Just curious–was your veal served in a bowl??? I have never seen it that way–always on a flat plate! Well maybe the chef knew it was for you and threw in extra Marsala wine!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Good grief! They had bottles of Chianti, tho, right? RIGHT?!?
    I love the museum shots — my life could use a lil art right now, but um, the museums, even the outdoor gardens, are closed.

    Liked by 1 person

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