Little known facts.


And once you read them you’ll realize how little you care…..




I’m sure you could have gone all day with out hearing that, but since I hate nuts anyway? It strengthens my resolve that peanut butter is disgusting.





Enjoy that sandwich now.

I dare you.




I had to do a little research on this one because I grew up adoring Ted.

Sadly, he’s wasn’t always the sweet cuddly children’s author we imagined.

But I still love the Lorax, sorry Helen.



Asbestos snow…

What could go wrong?





And quite bizarre…




Well, we could all use a little more protein in our diets.




People are allergic to cochineal insects?

How would they know? I didn’t even realize there was such a thing.




Okay, I agree…. that really would have sucked.

And finally, because men aren’t filled with enough penile insecurities as it is.



Sorry guys.

Penis envy is a horrible thing.

P.S. ….. When I woke up and checked WP on my phone this morning? My reader preview made me do a double take.


The porn spammers will be back any day now.

26 thoughts on “Little known facts.”

  1. You probably also knew that Buddy “Jed Clampett” Ebsen was originally cast as the Tin Woodman and had to be hospitalized because his makeup was made with powdered aluminum. Again, what could go wrong?
    And I knew that about echidnas thanks to this:

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  2. I had peanut butter today and I’m okay with the stuff. Do not read Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. You would not enjoy that book.
    I DID know about the dye, as myself and my youngest have allergy sensitivity to red #40 and we read ingredients. Carmine is okay, beet juice is okay, red #40 is the devil.
    Also knew about Seuss, but I also enjoy Woody Allen films, so I like to separate people from their art. There are some devastating Seussical poems about the adultery and her death.
    The Shatner mask tho, that’s a GEM!

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