Grill shopping.


The unthinkable happened last week.

Our beloved… and only 3 years old damn it… Weber grill died. Not wanting to spend a summer without one, we immediately went hunting for it’s replacement.

I wanted a small one without a side burner, so naturally all the husband looked at were large ones with side burners.

Ah, marriage.



Have you been grill shopping lately?

Holy crap!

I’ve paid less for cars.



Here’s the husband taking one for a test drive.

Literally driving it…. he spun it around a corner and had it up on 2 wheels.

Because Christ, at over a thousand dollars? That bastard better taxi us to the pub on its day off.

I found one I wanted.

Really wanted.



It came with wine!

But no. The husband dragged me to 5 other stores and ended up choosing one from Tractor Supply.






Oh yeah.



Much larger than we need, but it has stainless steel grates and radiant embers.

What the hell are radiant embers?

I have no idea….

But I bought some lovely filets and we’re going to find out tonight.


50 thoughts on “Grill shopping.”

  1. Don’t tell Kenneth, but I do have a Big Green Egg. I don’t mind messing with charcoal. The Lump Charcoal is easy to light, no fluid required, and I love the taste.

    I had two large propane grills. Both died well before their time. But, stainless steel grates weren’t an option. That’s a nice feature. I hope those filets turn out perfect.

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    1. Your secret’s safe with me. We had charcoal grills for years and the husband just got tired of the mess and the cleaning. With gas I can actually get him to cook so it’s a no brainer.

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      1. We switched to propane when the timing became unreliable. The Egg is more predictable in terms of knowing when the coals will be ready, and it offers so many ways to cook.

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  2. I love my smokie Joe but this is a whole new ballgame. I hope those steaks were some of the best you ever ate. Its a gorgous grill, that’s for sure! Enjoy…enjoy! 👍

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  3. There is only one rule for grill shopping: buy the biggest one possible.

    Oh, you brought it home in the bed of a pickup. That means you cheaped out. Ours was delivered by four wide load semi’s with a crane to assemble it. Still, our more affluent neighbors look down on us.

    Clue, if you can’t grill a cow whole, it’s too small.

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  4. A thousand dollars?! What is the world coming to? No, seriously that seems a bit much for a grill. But then again they market these things towards men, you know like the market wine towards women? lol

    It’s beautiful, and I sure hope those stakes turned out spectacular. I haven’t bought a grill in over ten years. Mine is still going strong, thank goodness!

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  5. I am so jealous of that grill!! It is gorgeous. I had one that big a few years ago (there are only two of us), but it came in handy for grilling lots of garden veggies when everything came off at once. Now I have a small Charbroil which works fine, but sometimes I miss the big grill.

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  6. When we moved to Rapid City, one of the first things I bought was a grill, because our apartment complex in WA didn’t allow them and we had gone without for years. I insisted on charcoal because I fancied myself a purist, but after a year of dealing with that nonsense, we upgraded to a gas grill instead. They’re just so much easier to deal with! Ours did not cost $1,000, but also did not come with wine. Hope your filets were awesome.

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  7. I hate shopping around but I’m with your hubby on this one. When it comes to grills you have to shop around! We just had to give up my grill to the neighbor because of course it won’t fit in the RV and as much as I searched, they do not make a towing package for it. It’s back to the little Smokey Joe for us but that will work just fine too.

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  8. About a month ago the bottom fell out of our grill. It was about 6 years old, but we had gotten a lot of use out of it. We should have shopped around more, but since we do most of our cooking on the grill, we were in a hurry to replace it. It’s too small and there was a coating on the grill grate and the inside of the grill that smelled funny. Had to burn a few batches of charcoal to burn out the smell, but whatever.


  9. So when should I arrive??? Oh wait!!! Yankee BBQ??!? Forget it–I’ll go to Memphis instead!! But wait! I could use your new BBQ as a car so maybe I will be up there to initiate it! What time?


  10. Partner and I have always insisted that our string of new grills over the last 20 years MUST have a side burner.

    We have never, ever USED said side burner on any of the models. Ever. The current one still has the protective strip across the questionable burner, and it’s been parked on the patio since Obama’s first term…

    So, yeah, men have unrealistic expectations when it comes to grills. No argument from me…

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