Enough with the substitutes.


In the last three months I’ve seen pasta fly off the grocery store shelves.

Pandemic shopping fever has wiped them clean at times and all that was left were substitutes.

Kale linguini?

Not if my life depended on it.

Squash angel hair?

Thank you, no.

So imagine my horror when I saw this in the refrigerated section this morning.



Tofu fettuccine and spaghetti.

What fresh Hell is this!

I picked up a package and it felt like slimy rubber…. which is probably what it tastes like it as well.


37 thoughts on “Enough with the substitutes.”

  1. Vegans do that … instead of just saying their food tastes like the spices they use to doctor up the blandness, they say it tastes like the real thing. Almost.
    They have no sense of shame …

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  2. Have you thought about making your own pasta? It has the potential of a) being fun b) being a nightmare c) a great blog post and d) all of the above. LOL. Luckily I can get pasta and rice – a carb free pandemic is not something I want to experience.

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    1. While I adore fresh pasta, I can only imagine the horror show that would ensue if I tried to make it. And while that would be blog fodder? It’s probably not going to happen any time soon…

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      1. 🤣😂 OK, next weekend. I’ll take pics and post. I’ve got lots of time on the weekends these days. Game on! 🍝🍷🍷🍷 I think I’ll need the bottle of wine afterwards…

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  3. It sounds like I’m in the minority here, but I tried the Impossible Burger at a local establishment named Hunky’s, and I really enjoyed it and plan to have more. (I’m not anti-meat, far from it; I was just curious.) It’s okay if you choose to shun me now for my indiscretions. I’ll understand…

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    1. Technically if you had it at Hunky’s it’s not the Burger King version. Please don’t try to pass off the James Beard haute cuisine they serve at Hunky’s as fast food. We just won’t buy it.

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  4. I agree with you! Though I will say, tofu by itself is tasteless, but it definitely takes on the flavor of whatever sauces it’s cooked with. Throw a little marinara on there and it would probably be pretty decent.

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