Things there are no explanation for.


  1.    The grill cover that came with our new grill.




Mind you, it’s custom made for this particular grill so it’s not a matter of fit.

So why on earth would a cover, that’s ostensibly used to protect the metal from the elements, have an opening of netted mesh where the metal controls are located?


2.    Mexican toilet paper.




I live in Maine, which is as far as you can get from Mexico and still be in the United States….




So why were these the only brands available on the grocery store shelf this week?


3.    Why is there a squirrel on top of my bicycle in the garage?




If your answer is  “You don’t ride it, so why shouldn’t he?” that’s technically correct, but doesn’t explain how he got in the garage or why he wouldn’t rather use that special car wash broom attachment my husband had to have but never used instead. He had to walk past 2 dirty cars to find the bicycle…. and that’s just rude.


4.  Why is there coffee all over my kitchen cabinets?




Not the lower cabinets mind you, where I could understand a little spillage…. but the upper. Did Micheal J. Fox sneak in for a cuppa while I wasn’t looking? Was the husband gettin’ jiggy with it while I was in the shower?

I don’t drink coffee, so no. I didn’t catch a glimpse of a bare chested Jason Momoa on the television and have a muscle spasm.



Photo for reference purposes only.


And to think it only took me an hour to choose that particular shot. 😈


So…. why?

If you can explain any of these unexplainable circumstances, I’d be most grateful.

34 thoughts on “Things there are no explanation for.”

  1. Just be happy you have toilet paper avalible.
    Daddy squirell is setting up a new home for mama and the kids
    The grill cover is made that way so you can admire the stylish knobery – of course.
    Surely somebody is making a (gasp) coffee mess – amateurs.

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  2. grill knobs? so that somebody turns it on once in a while at least when you see it. Else they have to give you a free maintenance under warranty! These manufactures are too thoughtful beyond imagination these days. Lol

    & the coffee…….. I’m still thinking what would make me do that when my wife is not around!

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    1. Which picture are you objecting to… the coffee spillage or bare chested Jason Mamoa? Because if it’s the latter, I would think that’s all the morning stimulation you need.

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  3. Here are you answers, Momma squirrel got into your house for some sensitive recon, shook the cup o’ joe she poured herself, because she saw you had white kitchen cabinets and thought to herself, “why not?” I think she’s still angry about her and her children being evicted from their condo.

    Then went into the garage to bite holes in your bike tires. As for the rest, the Mexican toilet paper, which one, Hogar means house in Spanish, is a mystery to me. I’m not going into the grill cover, it makes no sense. That’s what momma squirrel blogged earlier….

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  4. The first one’s easy: it’s so you can operate your grill in the rain. Duh.

    The toilet paper is because Maine is a smart harbor for ships coming out of the Gulf. When they dock and unload, though, y’all scoop up all the tissue products before the rest of us can get them. Selfish Mainers.

    The squirrel was probably sent by this guy:

    The coffee spray came from someone, possibly a squirrel, reading your blog on their phone while taking their first morning sip. Happens to Mrs C all the time when she catches a grammar mistake on She finds those so funny. 🙄

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