Products that make my eyes roll.


Maybe it’s just me, but when I see a list of “must have” products?

It’s a guarantee I mustn’t.



Do I need a magnetized bin to save my lint?

I most decidedly do not.

Does anyone?

With my luck I’d save lint and the red squirrels would steal it and start nest building again.



So basically this is a tarp with a square frame and handles. It costs $30 and you still have to pay someone to haul it away. Makes me glad I live in the country where we can just load up our truck and drive to the dump.



Is this a joke?

No one wants to time warp back to 80’s hair.








Eco friendly bamboo? Fine.


But charcoal bristles treated with carbon?




This is not a look I care to embrace.

And finally….



Sorry, but I’m thinking my inner mermaid is better left unrevealed.

34 thoughts on “Products that make my eyes roll.”

  1. All — bar the bamboo toothbrushes, which to me make sense (we need to wean ourselves off plastic!) — are good examples of the sickness of this consumerist society in which we (attempt to) live :/

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  2. What the hell? Did someone like Bezo’s invest in future Kelp farms or something? Since it would seem you can use kelp in your kitchen dishes, can I assume that this hair shampoo doubles as a Salad dressing?

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  3. The lint saver is icky. The silk scrunchies would slide off your hair, wouldn’t they? As for the shampoo, remember green Pearl shampoo with the TV commercial in which a pearl fell to the bottom of the bottle? Could this be a new iteration of that old green shampoo?

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    1. I don’t think I remember that one. The only green I remember was Herbal Essence…. the original. With the blonde in the pond. I think she had a bird in her hair.


  4. That reminds me of a quote I considered for my last blog post (but didn’t use):

    “How to get rich: manufacture something people want but don’t need.”
    Apparently enough people want the above products to make them worth making.

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