Real time update.


At 8:00 this morning I was standing tall at the orthopedist’s office.

Okay, standing is a relative term… it was more like listing 45 degrees and hopping around like a rabbit on a 3 day bender.



But you’d hop too if your right knee looked like this:



A little swollen… no?

The good news –

My xrays came back clean, no fractures, no bone spurs and no signs of arthritis.

The bad news –

The doctor thinks I tore my meniscus when I stained the deck. Fluid and swelling set in, which weakened the joint. Then the other day when I stepped off the porch I probably damaged my ACL and possibly my MCL. Not good.

There’s no way to tell for sure until I have an MRI which they couldn’t schedule until next Thursday.

So a weeks worth of ice, elevation, ibuprofen and gentle range of motion exercises.

And whining.

Don’t forget the whining.



Yes, there might be some of that kind as well.


38 thoughts on “Real time update.”

  1. OMG!!!! “I probably damaged my ACL” You damaged your “A Chorus Line”??? N-O-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0!!!! Won’t even get into the MRI & MCL but the ACL?!?!?! Drink as much as you want!!!!


  2. As speedy a recovery as you want…while wining…yes, I spelled that correctly! Make your husband refill your wine glass so you can rest that knee!

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  3. I just tore my lower abs/groin and am on rest orders, so I get that feel of having to live a sub-optimal life for the time being.

    Admittedly, abs aren’t as bad as knees, so I’m wishing you all the best with your injuries. Get well soon!

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    1. Any injury that forces us to lie on the couch all day requires patience. Thank god for Amazon book delivery. I think I’ll be financing Jeff Bezos’s next Lear jet in no time flat..


  4. I’m sorry sweetie. I know how joint stuff hurts. Sprained my right hip when I was 17. Paying for that now with random “I think I’ll pop out of joint while she’s out walking and about a mile from home!”

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