I have questions.


My first question is why I even bother going to Wal Mart in the first place? For a store that claims to have everything, they rarely… if ever… have what I need.

Bird seed?




Is there a new Covid 19 shopping panic I don’t know about? Are preppers stocking their bunkers with sunflower seed and suet now? I mean really… every single time I go Wal Mart… specifically for bird seed… the shelves are bare. It’s beyond annoying.

While I was there this time I also looked for individual au gratin baking dishes, because ya know… River needs to bake some fancy fish.

Nope. Couldn’t find any.

The rude gum smacking purple haired helpful sales associate I finally tracked down and asked told me there was no such thing… but I could find the potatoes on aisle 12.




Our niece wanted some flowered ones for her dorm room… but Wal Mart said no can do.




Forget about it. Plain grey, beige and navy. It was the same blah color scheme of that furniture store I visited a while back. And hey, I understand trends as much as the next girl… but what happened to something for everyone?

Feeling totally discouraged, I searched for one more thing.

A simple thing. A thing surely every Wal Mart in America carries.

A sweatshirt for the husband…

But did I find one?

I think you know the answer to that.

There was one lone sweatshirt in the men’s department. A size small… in bright red.

* note to Wal Mart stockers – get with the program! It’s Maine. We need bird seed, sweatshirts and fancy fish bakers. *



25 thoughts on “I have questions.”

      1. I can’t drive to the store (not that I would EVER shop in Walmart anyway) spend all that time NOT being able to shop, and load up, rive home, and unload for the FREE shipping they give you.

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  1. I am with Boo and Kerry…amazon.com…Prime. Now you know why Bezos is worth something like A majazillion bucks. Our Wally hear has the same color issues with sheets, but plenty of bird seed to be found. Maybe Florida is hoarding it…the one state that probably does not need it as we have natural bird food year round. I am surprised you chased down an English speaking sales associate at Wally’s. . Bravo to you.

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    1. I adore Amazon. But then I’m a voracious reader and have been paying for Bezos’s 6th or 7th vacation home for a long time.
      As for the bird seed… give it back! I have hungry avians ready to attack.

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      1. Cupcake gets a lot of e-kindle reads from Amazon Prime, and also has our local library linked through amazon to check out e-books..she is totally happy as she can get new release best sellers for free without ever hitting bottom!

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  2. Sheets. Bradsdeals.com Find Linens and Hutch. REASONABLE prices and you can direct ship them for free. LOVE Brad’s Deals. Use them all the time. They even have Bird stuff.

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