He knows me so well.


My Facebook page popped up with a memory that was fun to read the other day.

It was one of those silly quizzes… with a twist. Instead of answering the questions yourself, you ask the questions to your spouse/partner/significant other to see how well they know you.

If you want to see how my husband did, read on.


1. What’s something I always say?

Im a font of useless knowledge.

He nailed that one, I say it all the time.


2. What makes me happy?

I do.

Cheeky answer, but it’s true.


3. What makes me sad?

Injured animals.

Very true.


4. What’s my favorite thing to do?


He’s got me there. If I don’t have a book? I’m not a happy camper.



5. What do I do when you’re not around?


Fair enough. I probably do.


6. What makes you proud of me?


Good answer. My man didn’t just fall off the turnip truck you know.


7. What’s my favorite food?


I might have to disagree with that, but it’s true I eat my fair share. And maybe your share… if you’re not paying attention.



8. If I could go anywhere in the world, where would I go?


I’ve often spoken of my desire to see my father’s homeland, so yes.


9. Do you think you could live without me?


Smart man.


10. How do I annoy you?

You prove me wrong too often.

And that… was my very favorite answer by far.


So yes, after 36 years of marriage I’d say my other half knows me pretty damn well.

Can you say the same?


17 thoughts on “He knows me so well.”

      1. I can honestly say it’s in the back of my mind. I always thought Nick and I would grow old together. Life threw us a real curve ball. Lord knows the same thing could happen with Jim and I….it’s always in the back of my mind…

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  1. He does know you quite well–well enough to give the right answers. Diplomacy is one of the keys to a happy marriage, and also never going to bed angry–which is one reason I have an aunt and uncle who haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in thirty years.

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  2. I’m not going to have my wife ask me those questions because my answers would probably make her question my sanctity. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt me (or kill me).

    P.S. Just kidding — after 50+ years of marriage, she could smell a rat….and I’m just a mouse of a spouse.

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