A friend sent me this picture of a beverage she saw in the grocery store the other day.



She said she saw it and thought of me.

Busty Lush.

I’m not sure if I should be offended… or flattered she knows me so well.

I thought about buying some, but when I saw the non alcoholic label, I figured… why bother?



It’s back?

I don’t remember goat poop ever disappearing.



I can think of numerous other ways to say Happy Holidays besides the gift of livestock dung, but maybe that’s just me.

And what’s with “Artisan” goat poop?

Is there some Jackson Pollack spattering going on or what?


20 thoughts on “Oddities.”

  1. I think it”s kinda cute. The chocolates do look like goat droppings, kinda. But the artisan flavours, well, with all the various things goats eat, I guess maybe some of the flavours might be art, I sang.

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    1. There’s a disturbing trend in retail poo . I’ve seen moose poop jewelry, reindeer poop keychains, unicorn poop jelly beans and brown bear chocolate poop. WTH?


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