The perils of reviewing a book called Bonk.


I should have known there would be a price to pay for excerpting passages from a book about sex.

I should have, but the flood of … how shall I say, related products… now polluting my screen is prodigious.



Mothers Day gift anyone?




Technically that’s not a sex toy, but the algorithm’s mind went there anyway.



I really need to be more careful with my book reviewing.


28 thoughts on “The perils of reviewing a book called Bonk.”

      1. The author has an entire series I’m working my way through. So far I’ve reviewed Stiff.. the Curious lives of Human Cadavers, Fuzz… When Nature Breaks the Law, and Gulp… Adventures on the Alimentary Canal. I have two more on my pile. Stay tuned.


  1. At the very least, you wouldn’t need a hacksaw, bolt cutter, side grinder or plasma torch to remove it if things get a little tight when you’re correcting your foreskin. Safety first!

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