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Love was in the air.


A rather tardy Valentines Day post.



A bouquet of flowers was delivered that morning….



And while I don’t think it was our local florist’s best work, the sentiment remained steadfast.

Early afternoon found us out in the barn and back at the Scrabble board.



Although the way it started reminded me a little too much of Bill and Monica.



Did I win?

Such a silly question.

Unbeknownst to my husband, I’d made early evening reservations at one of his favorite restaurants and before the place got too crowded, we slipped in for a glorious meal.



Long stemmed red roses were given to ladies upon entry… and petals were scattered everywhere. On the floor, on the window sills, on the chairs…..



Even under the beer taps.

We settled happily at the bar (the husband’s preferred spot because one of the bartenders was a Marine which can lead to hours long conversations) and I tucked into a few delightful Rum Punches. We had appetizers that I forgot to photograph… garlic Parmesan wings for the husband, creamy clam chowder for me… and were awaiting our meals when this older couple sat down across from us.



In case you can’t see it, the man was wearing a Marine Corps tee shirt. It was at that moment I knew I was doomed.



Like recognizes like… and within minutes the gentleman uttered the words I never want to hear on Valentines Day.

Semper Fi.

My husband bought them a round of drinks. They bought us a round of drinks. Military stories were traded across the bar….and by the time our lovely meals arrived?



Filet Oscar with fresh lobster, roasted fingerling potatoes and grilled asparagus for the husband.



Filet au Poivre with cremini mushroom brandied cream sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes and grilled asparagus for me…

I’d lost him.



And ended up eating most of my meal alone.

So when I said love was in the air?

Apparently I was talking about the Corps.


Things I will not be giving my husband for Valentines Day this year.


Have you ever looked at ads for products and thought, that can’t be real?



Jerky flower bouquets for the special man in your life?

No way.




And they’re not exactly giving them away either.



The Ball Hammock.

Yes, my Facebook algorithm is back to its old tricks just in time for the holiday. Will I be buying my husband a rocket to put in his pants?




I will not be asking him to release the Kraken either.

Well, not that one anyway.

And finally the last gift I won’t be buying him…



Ball therapy.

Just…. no.


I fear I’ll never catch up…


Which is why I’m posting about Valentines Day at the end of March.




It started with a nice bouquet of roses….




And a kitchen selfie before we went out for a late lunch on the water.




The building used to house a garage… and was previously a wonderful restaurant called, are you ready?

La Garage.

Clever… no?

But now it has new owners and a new incarnation as the Water Street Kitchen and Bar.




It sits on the Sheepscot River in Wiscasset and please pardon the reflection of my hands in the window.




We’ve been wanting to try it for a while, and found that’s it’s undergone a major remodel.




The feel is more modern.




And I have to say I was loving the metal works installations. This would be perfect for all my husband’s rusty crap treasures!




But first things first.




A marvelous basil limeade with a view….




The menu was small, but seemed alright.




And just as the waitress brought my (overly salted) charred Brussels sprouts appetizer, the husband saw a friend of his walk in and asked them to join us.

On Valentines Day.

Oh, well.




This called for two Blueberry Mojitos… .because a girl can only take so much romance.

Husband had a butternut squash soup, which you couldn’t pay me to eat.




And then it was on to a rather dry, garlic-less shrimp scampi for me, and an overcooked paella for the other half.




The meal was redeemed by dessert.




A delightful lemon marscapone cake…

Husband’s friends said their meals were good, and the cocktails were lovely so we might give them another try.  We do like the area and supporting small businesses.




And I might have to take another look at the metal works.




They really were quite interesting.


A little catch up…

Since it took me a month and a half to post vacation pics, it’s time to get you back up to speed on the dreadfully boring fascinating tidbits that are my life.

You may have heard the government had a shut down during our trip. Luckily this caused us no financial hardships, but it did mean the husband’s paychecks were delayed. And being the federal government, you know they had to make something simple ridiculously difficult.

The husband gets paid the same amount every 2 weeks. Same amount of pay, same amount of deductions. You would think they could just deposit the 2 missing paychecks.

But no.




It shouldn’t surprise you that as of today, his pay is still hosed up.


Now to the weather…



It’s been cold.


And yeah.

You did.


The back yard deer are hungry.

IMG_E4097 (1)

And so are the turkeys.

We love the deer. The turkeys? Not so much.

They’re comical… but they poop. A lot.

Enough said.

Valentines Day came and went…


The husband sent me roses.

IMG_E4076 (2)

And I gave him a framed shot of the night sky from the exact location of our wedding day.


I know.

We’re so special it hurts.

Of course the really wonderful thing about Valentines Day is the day after….


When chocolate is half price!

That’s the definition of true love right there.