Let’s talk about poop.


( Bet you’re wishing I was still on vacation, eh?)

I was Christmas shopping with a friend the other day and we noticed a disturbing trend…




I passed off the first sighting of a poop themed gift as a fluke.




But then I saw this…




And this.




And while I admit a hovering pile of poop drone might be inventive, even slightly creative….. I can’t honestly say I want one flying overhead anytime soon.

I also do not want to stack, or write with poop.




And if that just wasn’t enough poop to satisfy you…

How about some pink girly poop?




Made all the more disturbing by the cryptic packaging.

What the hell is going on there….

Is that a mouth with teeth?

Are you supposed to chew the poop?

Or is the poop coming out of the nostrils?





And mind you these were not seen in toy stores, where at least a fondness for poop could be explained….but in adult sections of book stores and various department stores in the mall.

Anyway you look at it, it’s disgusting. Or at the very least… childishly stupid. I gave up potty humor at age 4, you should too.

I know the world may seem like it’s going down the toilet lately, but this is one gift giving idea I hope gets flushed.

25 thoughts on “Let’s talk about poop.”

  1. I was going to cover this in a weird Christmas toys of the year post I’m apparently never going to get around to writing… poop is hot. I mean, really in style in a way it never has before. The Garbage Pail Kids we had in my childhood bluntly covered all kinds of nasty bodily functions… snot, barf, blood, pee…. but for even the grossest of the gross products, poop was organa non grata until just recently. Now there are entire sections of our Toy department dedicated to poopy products… most of them mixing it together with the two other hot trends, slime and unicorns. Thanks to those stupid emojis, shit has finally and literally become The Shit…

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    1. I blame the poop emoji as well.
      As soon as potty humor people saw it smiling? We were doomed.


  2. I could have told you everything was going for a shit.

    Am boiling corned beef for a New England Dinner this evening and I thought of you so am doing a drive by.

    Everything okay in Riverworld?

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