The post in which River goes to a Lobster Festival but can’t eat lobster.


The following is proof that my husband can inflict cruel and unusual punishment.

It happened at The 72nd Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine.

We lucked out and found a parking spot close to the festival, and it was across the street from the Trade Winds resort where I spotted the first lobster.




Although it looked more like a demented crawfish…




The stupid thing had teeth!

This did not bode well for the day….




But the weather was perfect…




And we were near the ocean.

It doesn’t get much better than that…




Or does it?


There be Pirates.




Pirates on the boats…




Pirates on the piers…




Basically, there were pirates everywhere.






And as much as I tried to avoid it?




There was lobster.

Mocking me and my damned allergy.



World’s Largest Lobster cooker?




Yup… that too.



We passed lobster rolls, lobster stew, lobster quesadillas, lobster mac and cheese, lobster chowder, lobster Caesar salad, lobster wontons, even lobster risotto balls….

And then there was this:




Me…. sitting in a tent, surrounded by people eating lobster.




I had to sit and watch my husband as he oohed and ahhed over every last sweet, fresh from the water, dripping in melted butter, bite.

Cruel and unusual to be sure.



It wasn’t easy.

I tried to find solace in a crabmeat roll…




And the required  I’m at a street festival and have to eat the junkiest, highest calorie  thing I can find  fried dough.




It was good… but it wasn’t lobster.

Cursing my treacherous body,  I pulled up my big girl panties and soldiered on.




We strolled through the art show…




And into the lobster trap lined entrance to the craft show.




Where the husband bought organic natural honey…




And we saw a buoy that believed size does matter….




There was another tent filled with lobster eaters…




And King Neptune….




Who looked a little lost.




The King is quite popular at the festival….




And people line up for photos whenever he walks by.


Trump - Sinking Ship


My lobster-less belly aside, it was a fun day.




And Rockland is a fun town.

Although I have to admit, the children do look a little….









37 thoughts on “The post in which River goes to a Lobster Festival but can’t eat lobster.”

  1. Loved following you on your lobster-free (except for everyone else) day. Rockland looks beautiful in your photos. I lived in CA for 20 years so love the Dungeness Crab – sweet and less hard to get out of the shell compared to lobster. So I hardly ever eat the funny-looking thing. But last weekend my brother-in-law had a bunch of us over for a Lobsterfest. Not only did he boil a dozen lobster (fresh off his friend’s boat), he pulled all the lobster meat out of the shells and placed it in a big bowl for all of us. It was so incredibly fresh and good and …. wait, Shoot. You can’t have any, can you? Oh. Sorry. 🙂

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  2. I don’t like lobster so this doesn’t seem like my kind of event. On the other hand at every festival there’s always that couple with their little dogs in a stroller. And I do like rolling my eyes at them.

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  3. “Where the husband bought organic natural honey…” I thought he brought his natural honey with him!!! (AWWWWWWW)

    Well at least you didn’t have to get your fingers dirty and nasty shelling the lobsters, which I HATE to do!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It depends, from a fisherman, right off the boat? 1 1/4 lb lobster, about $7.00. At the festival? It was $18 for that plate with corn and a roll. In the grocery stores? About $10 a pound. In the waterfront tourist restaurants? $40-$50 for dinner. It varies greatly.

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      1. 😱😱😱 sooo cheap!!! It’s like $90-$140 per kilo, about $55 for tiny lobster. I’d be…’screw you allergy, I’m eating lobster!’… 🤤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yikes! I guess it’s understandable though. It sure doesn’t have to travel as far to my plate here.
        And trust me, I really can’t eat it now. If I do? I will have my head in the toilet an hour later. It’s not pretty…

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Being a Maine native I live 20 minutes south on route one from Rockland and attend the lobster festival every year. Delicious seafood 😋


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