Do you need one of these?


Stupid products. They’re everywhere…

Even here.





I heard you. You think gas filters aren’t stupid?

Well, this one is for your butt.




The bad part of a fart?

Pray tell, what exactly is the good part…




For those of you who were looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for Xmas this year?



Next… no tie shoelaces.




Because yes, apparently we really are that lazy.




On first glance this looked promising….





Until I remembered the best thing about making S’mores on a campfire is that you don’t have to clean up anything.

Can you imagine the mess that contraption would make in your oven? Melted chocolate and gooey marshmallow crystallizing and baking onto the racks?




Finally, I admit this last stupid product has infinite potential.






Now call me crazy, but a gentle reminder to change the toilet paper is not the first thing that came to mind when I thought of recording a message.


I want more bang for my buck and was thinking more along the lines of the Tidy Bowl Man yelling  “Incoming!”….. or an upper class British accent begging you not to make a second trip to the buffet at Taco Loco.



As I said, infinite possibilities.


50 thoughts on “Do you need one of these?”

  1. Seriously, how often do people make S’mores? Next year George Foreman will come out with a S’more-maker. Then he’ll make a bigger one after that, then the Boy Scout troop size, battery operated, self-cleaning S’more maker.

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  2. I don’t really need any “gas” filters. The wife and I may have gas, but it seldom smells (perhaps it’s the keto life style?). The pre-adult teenagers however, eat garbage. Garbage in garbage out. ***sigh
    What a person eats does play a part in body odors.

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  3. Seriously though, the filter doesn’t look much different than a carbon filter for a fish tank. I can’t see how a filter like that would do the job efficiently. Might need to make the whole underwear from filtering material.

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      1. Most cities and towns have noise ordinances, but they usually only kick in at 10:00pm. Maybe you could set up a giant speaker pointed their way and play nonstop Polka music at full volume? If that doesn’t work try Justin Bieber.

  4. I want the talking toiler paper roll to say things like, “I’m the ghost of Old Man Joe, and I’ve been watching you on the toilet ever since you moved into this house.” But only one time – so the person who hears it will have no proof.

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  5. I suppose the gas filters make some sense, for someone with, say, Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis, who still has to go into an office every day no matter what is going on internally. Seems like they’d be pretty uncomfortable, though. Extra-long maxipads work just fine and can be changed as needed (not that I would know, of course). I’ve seen sneakers with elastic shoelaces, usually marketed at senile, arthritic seniors who either can’t tie their shoes any more or who have forgotten how to do so. (Yes, I still tie my shoes the old-fashioned way, I’m not that far gone yet.) As for the TP roll, I’m with you. It would be way too tempting to record an inappropriate, but extremely humorous (to me, at least) message.

    PS- I bet you get all kinds of weird pop-up ads based on your browsing experiences.

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  6. The stuff you find! I think the filter might sell better if it was SHART proof. Or do they already have that? Something called a diaper I imagine. Which reminds me of a joke. What does an 80 old woman taste like? Depends. OK, I know it’t an oldie, but definitely a goody.


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