A veritable squirrel pantry…..


I was sitting in the living room reading when movement caught my eye.




On closer inspection:




Knowing this was not going to end well, I went outside to  chase the little red bastard investigate.




Momma squirrel was back.




When she saw me, she ran.




And I thought, there.

That was easy.




But she wasn’t running because I’d scared her.





She was just looking for a place to stash the apple chunk she’d stolen from the deer.




I found this piece, and 4 others in various nooks and crannies of the table and chairs.

The next morning? 3 more pieces.

So now, everyday when I go outside?




I have to pull half eaten apple pieces out of our patio furniture before the ants descend.

Good times.




I hate that squirrel!

41 thoughts on “A veritable squirrel pantry…..”

  1. Well, at least she’s not throwing them on the ground when she’s done with them, like some members of my family were apparently raised to do. Still, she’s not displaying a proper amount of fear and respect toward The Queen, and that’s just not going to work….

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      1. We’ve always had a house full of pets, but the husband planned on retiring this year (pre covid) and we were going to travel….. which is hard with animals. We live in the country so reliable pet sitters are hard to find. When our last old boy died he said no more so we’d be free to come and go. Now….we can’t go anywhere and are still petless. I hate it!


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