Pandemic humor…


Because laughter is literally the only medicine.



I haven’t walked into a bar in 142 days.

Let that sink in…. and tell me pigs aren’t flying somewhere.





Correct signage has never been more important.




I’m beginning to notice a trend.




He’s right.

We probably are.




Finally, a way to make men wear masks!

Thank you Katie.

And if all that was too depressing, let me leave you with this…..





You’re welcome.

23 thoughts on “Pandemic humor…”

  1. A man walks into a clinic and says, “I spent the weekend partying without a mask. I think I’ll need to get tested”

    The nurse takes a swab and jams it so far up the man’s sinuses that he sees stars. It takes the man a moment to recover, then he asks,

    “That was REALLY painful. How accurate is this test?”

    “About fifty/fifty”

    “So, why did I go through all that discomfort?”

    “The test is to keep you from spending the weekend partying without a mask again”

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  2. A squirrel walks into a pub and asks the bartender, “Can you tell me how to get to Rivergirl’s place?”
    “Why do you want to know?”
    “Actually, I already know. I’m just doing a favor for mistermuse because he was stuck for a comment.”

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      1. I prefer to think that my readers are wise owls for following my blog, though there may be a few who don’t give a hoot. To those few, I say, You’re barking up the wrong tree if you think Rivergirl is nuts about you, so unless you’re a chuck, you’re out of luck.

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