Blue Monday.


We’re extremely blue at Casa River.



And loving every minute of it.



Our bushes are full of ripe fruit and we can’t pick fast enough.



The neighbors get a bowl.

The postman gets a bowl.

If y’all lived closer, you’d get a bowl as well.



After picking, it was time to dig out my favorite blueberry recipes.



The coffee cake was wonderful.



Bursting with fat juicy fruit.



Unfortunately, the cobbler didn’t cobble.



The berries were so big the batter didn’t squeeze up through, but sat at the bottom and made cake instead.

Of course, now that I think about it….



There’s nothing wrong with upside down cobbler.

It still tastes fabulous.

So if you care to share your favorite recipe…. I’m all ears.

And blue fingers.


For Boo, as requested.



35 thoughts on “Blue Monday.”

  1. Blueberries are just so typically Maine, aren’t they? I love ’em. I may, in fact, attempt to grow some in our yard next year. I had a couple of bushes in Washington and they produced some pretty tasty fruit.


    1. If you do, go with the high berry bushes. That’s what ours are. Maine is famous for the little, low to the ground, wild bushes…. but they’re a nightmare to harvest. Just make sure they get plenty of water in the spring when they’re setting their flowers. Every where there’s a flower…. there’s a berry. They can tolerate a little dry later on.

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  2. That takes me back to a wonderful week in Maine on Green Lake when I was just four years old. My cousins and I would go pick blueberries before breakfast then come back and have blueberry pancakes.
    I’ll never forget how wonderful they were but your cobbler looks like it has a much better blueberry to batter ratio.

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  3. Young lady, did you read the fine print WordPress or have you just forgotten it?? A large sample of any food made at home and presented on WordPress must be sent to me to either get my approval or disapproval–what time should I expect fedex to deliver?!?!?

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  4. Yum! My dogs and I enjoy the wild huckleberries we encounter on trails here in Idaho every summer, but I’m too lazy to bring a container to collect them and transport them home. Plus, I don’t enjoy baking. Which is weird because I really enjoy eating! I’ll just enjoy your photos of yummy treats instead.

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  5. Sometimes I do a lemon blueberry loaf and it lasts about as long as it takes to bake it. I baked a blueberry pie last summer – that was a la mode perfection 🙂 Freeze, freeze, freeze!

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