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Random nonsense around the house…


It’s a shame chokecherries are bitter and nearly impossible to eat…



Because our tree is just loaded with them this year.



But speaking of eating…. when your neighbors start dumping tons of veggies on your doorstep because no one ever grows a few zucchini? Try this:



Slice, dip in beaten egg, then Italian breadcrumbs, lightly fry in olive oil and serve with lemon herb aioli. Fabulous!



In other news, the turkeys are still here and my husband is still chasing them.



I’m laughing because he was about to lose his pants running after them. (Don’t tell him I posted this, I’d never hear the end of it.) And while I normally think the daily chasing is ridiculous as well as fruitless…. you’re not going to out stubborn a wild turkey …. those little bastards have eaten every single one of our blueberries this year. On all 7 bushes! And that means no blueberry pie, no blueberry coffee cake, no pancakes or muffins. Damn their feathered souls!




I watched the White Sox beat the Yankees on the Field of Dreams the other night. (That’s Kevin Costner in the photo.) I’m an unapologetic sucker for that movie. Never been able to watch it without thinking of my father and crying like a baby.

If I’m ever in Iowa? I am damn sure going to Dyersville and walking through that corn.


Unrelated drivel.


Can someone please explain what frog logs taste like…



And why anyone would want to find out?



This completely cracked me up, because it’s true. I’ve waged war with that cursed masher for years.



Charming… or ridiculous?



I’m going with the latter.



The Sunday senior pool games are still going strong. And this little old man is so sweet I’ve started baking goodies.



Because nothing says hard core pool tournament better than fresh banana bread.


My blue heaven….


We’re rapidly running out of fresh blueberries thanks to the crows…. so it was time to whip out my all time favorite blue recipe.

Lemon blueberry pound cake with a lemon zest glaze.




Ooh la la…. the batter has a stick of butter in it.




And once you add the berries?

I eat it like ice cream.

Do I make a mess when I bake?




You could say that.

But it’s so worth it.




Three loaves of buttery berried goodness.

I ran into a little SNAFU after they cooled and I started to make the glaze.




2017? No problem….

Expiration dates are for the weak.

But settle down, I Googled it.






If Google says it’s alright? Who am I to argue.




Lemon zest glaze.




I tend to do more than drizzle.




Because when have you ever heard someone say,  “I’ll take mine with less fabulousness please?”




Recipe as requested.

It should be noted I double…. oh alright, sometimes triple…. the glaze ingredients.

Blue Monday.


We’re extremely blue at Casa River.



And loving every minute of it.



Our bushes are full of ripe fruit and we can’t pick fast enough.



The neighbors get a bowl.

The postman gets a bowl.

If y’all lived closer, you’d get a bowl as well.



After picking, it was time to dig out my favorite blueberry recipes.



The coffee cake was wonderful.



Bursting with fat juicy fruit.



Unfortunately, the cobbler didn’t cobble.



The berries were so big the batter didn’t squeeze up through, but sat at the bottom and made cake instead.

Of course, now that I think about it….



There’s nothing wrong with upside down cobbler.

It still tastes fabulous.

So if you care to share your favorite recipe…. I’m all ears.

And blue fingers.


For Boo, as requested.



Sometimes I feel like I’m just phoning it in.


There’s nothing like the internet to make you feel inadequate.

And while I consider myself a relatively good cook, photos of the latest trend in baking shared by a friend are making me doubt my commitment.



Because, to be honest….



This type of magic never occurs in my kitchen.



I can’t even blame it on not having the time…



Because that’s something I have plenty of right now.



So all I can say is …. stop.



Stop making the rest of us look like slackers.




Now you’re just showing off.