Strange things seen whilst shopping.


I spent a long over due retail therapy day with my girlfriend recently. Of all the things I’ve missed over the past year, that ranks pretty high on the list. One of our stops was Goodwill, where I saw this:



Here’s hoping they hire someone who knows how to spell this time.

Further down the road, I saw this oddly named store.



And something tells me they’re not talking about the corned beef variety.

At TJMaxx I found this disturbing product.



No need to wash that blouse you’ve worn 27 times. Just give it a little spritz and be on your malodorous way.


Halfway through our shopping extravaganza… it was time for lunch. This is normally not a problem since South Portland has a plethora of restaurants. But since no one wants to go back to work, every single place we tried was understaffed and had an hour long wait. With a groan of desperation, we ended up at Red Robin where I spotted a most unappetizing burger on the menu.



#1. Putting a burger between two pieces of greenery does not magically transform lettuce into a bun. Just, no.

And more importantly –

#2. Do not name your abomination of a burger ‘The Wedgie’. Creeping underwear issues do not make my mouth water.

(And if they make you salivate? Please exit my blog and don’t come back.)


28 thoughts on “Strange things seen whilst shopping.”

      1. We had a street that had 8 illegal shops in the span of 2 miles. Took awhile but the city finally closed all of them and got the businesses under control. We still have a lot but nothing like 5yrs ago .

        I applied to be office staff for what planned to be a major grow operation. As prep, I read up on all the regs and was surprised to learn each individual seed is tracked from harvest to production and destruction!

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  1. I wonder what a Production Specialist is? Do you need a degree for that?
    You are seeing some weird stuff. I probably do too, but it might go over my head lately.
    So sad that people aren’t out there working and instead they’re sitting on their arses collecting a check. WTH.

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