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Because some things are strange enough for a second look.


This popped up in my Facebook memories today and since I wasn’t blogging here 5 years ago?

I have to share.



As seen in Goodwill, a rubber chicken.



It was a dog toy, but a more wrong rubber chicken you’re not apt to find.

I suppose you could say they were singing…. but I’m afraid my mind went elsewhere.

And for a further chuckle?

Read the detailed description that came with them.

I dare you not to laugh.

“This rubber chicken is not any ordinary chicken, when you squeeze him he makes a loud screaming sound, it can help you relaxing your pressure and bringing you good mood. This squeaky rubber chicken will make a comical addition to your dog’s toy chest! Screaming sound when you squeeze it “Squeeze me when you are happy. I will make you and your friend laugh” “Squeeze me when you are not happy. I will help you relax” “My shrilling scream will let you have unexpected fun and entertainment, relax and release stress.” Once you have this funny scream chicken you can lose your press and became more smooth.”


So go on….. squeeze your chicken.

Hear him scream.


Things I like today… Part 7


I like…

This tee shirt I picked up at Goodwill the other day.




If my husband would just follow this one simple rule, life would be so much more pleasant.

I like…

The new yellow kiwi fruit.




Have you tried them?





I like….

The Annual Damariscotta PumpkinFest Regatta.

(And you thought we only raced zucchini in Maine. Pfft!)




But this year, I really like the pumpkin they’re using to advertise it.




I like…

Finding multiple praying mantises (manti?) on the baby barn we’re remodeling.

Did you know the female praying mantis bites off her partner’s head after sex?

Clearly she’s a woman who doesn’t like to cuddle.




I like…

Apple season.




Our trees are loaded with juicy fruit…

And soon my belly will be full of juicy pie and fritters.


actual video of me after eating juicy pie and fritters

Random things I saw today….


In the parking lot of a restaurant I saw –

The best damn car seat covers…





If these don’t stop your mother in law from asking you for a ride?

Nothing will.

At Goodwill I saw –




Technically no, Richard…. no one said sale.

It’s just thrifting.




But may I say…..eeewww.

Clearly there is no quality control in the thrift store business.

This was a sleeve of a blouse with hair covered velcro on the end.

Why did it have hair covered velcro on the end?



It’s Goodwill. How the hell should I know?

And finally I saw…




A full grown pregnant doe terrified of a chipmunk.

He was sitting on the edge of the stone wall, chipping… as chipmunks are wont to do.

And she wouldn’t come any closer.




I don’t speak chipmunk, but maybe….




He’d had a bad day.