Amazon always brings it.


I saw something interesting advertised on Facebook the other day.



It’s some kind of fruit filled bubble that bursts when dropped in cocktails and I thought hey… that might be fun for the man cave bar. Until I saw they were $25 per plus tax… and $24.95 shipping. Undeterred, I sought them on Amazon.

While I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have the same brand, I was tickled by the imposter bubbles’ name.



I might have to order them.

I mean really, who could resist?



19 thoughts on “Amazon always brings it.”

  1. I love listening to you “alcoholics” talk about booze as if is a necessary ingredient in your blood. Sometimes I think alcohol is your God, the way you worship it. (This comment is supposed to be funny, but I somehow doubt you will see the humour in it.)

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