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Pandemic humor


Because I’m still trying to laugh.



Funny, but true.



For those of you who need pictorial directions.



Brilliant idea. Wish they would do that.

And I know it’s too early for Christmas…. ( Yes people, it’s too damned early! Shove that elf back in the closet. Or better yet, burn it. I hate that little bastard. ) but I may need to buy this ornament.



No funny business….


Just a heartfelt Merry Christmas to my loyal readers.




Wishing you joy…




And a Christmas Day filled with everything that makes your heart sing.




May your tree stay vertical, may your outdoor lights stay lit…




And may the birds not strip your wreath down to the wire.

(Speaking from experience)




And now seems a perfect time to say thanks….

Thanks for being there when I log in.

Thanks for putting up with the 112 part series of my vacations and my endless photos of rocks.

Thanks for the laughter, and the snarky banter.

But most of all?

Thanks for not posting those sickeningly sweet pictures of Elf on a Shelf.




I really hate that little bastard.




(Okay, there was a small amount of funny business.

So sue me…)