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Cape Cod Day 3…. Plymouth harbor, The Rock and finally, some food.


So the lovely path through the park brought us to downtown Plymouth and the harbor.




It’s a pretty spot.




And at low tide you get a really good view of the rock retaining wall.




There were more scallop shells…




And piers..




And a statue of the Governor who spelled Plymouth with the ‘i’ that drove me crazy the entire time we were touring the Plantation.

Seriously… it was painful.




But then…




In the distance…




In the middle of what appeared to be a mausoleum…




Surrounded by pillars and wrought iron gates….




And guarded by a Ranger was…

Are you ready for what everyone who visits Plymouth Massachusetts has to see?

Brace yourself.


Here it comes….


The one, the only….


Plymouth Rock!








That’s it.

I can’t say I really even knew what I was expecting…. but I’m pretty sure it was more than this.

To be honest, it was a rather bizarre experience. You know you have to find it, you know you have to see it, you know you have to photograph it (though I resisted the selfies some people took) …. but when you finally sidle up to the railing and look down?



Okay, it’s a rock.

And we all know I have a soft spot for rocks, but…



But alas, that’s all there was.

The Ranger told us they had to protect what was left because for years people would come and chip and chisel pieces from it for keepsakes. My first thought was, you should have started sooner.

So there you have it.




We came.

We saw.

We photographed the most famous rock in America.




Plymouth, Massachusetts.

They have a park…. for a rock.




Ya gotta love this country!

And now… for my oh, not so patient food photo people.




Liquid refreshment at the East Bay Grille in Plymouth.




A wonderful restaurant with a view, potent cocktails and seriously good food.




I started with Risotto Balls.

And as balls go? They were top notch.




After a pomegranate martini, I went for the Autumn Punch. It sounds sweet, but the tart cranberry and acidic orange juice cut it perfectly.




The husband went with some kind of saucy fish…. blame the martini, but I don’t remember which…. brown rice and grilled butternut squash.

While I…

Can you guess?




Cognac cream sauce?



Ooh la la!




And yes, of course we had dessert.




New York style cheesecake for the hubs.




And a mouthwatering mountain of Tiramisu for yours truly.

It’s a shame we were only in Plymouth for one day because I could easily have eaten there every night.




Vacation Day 3 officially over.

Only 5 more to go!



No worries, at this rate it will only take a few more weeks worth of posts.





Cape Cod Day 3… Plimoth Plantation grist mill and some (literally) corny jokes.


The tickets we purchased at the Plantation were actually in 3 parts. The site itself, a grist mill off site and a replica of the Mayflower down at the harbor. Three different locations for one price, how could we lose?

Apparently very easily as it turns out….because after we bought them, we found out the replica Mayflower wasn’t even in the state, but in Mystic, Connecticut undergoing an overhaul for the 400th year anniversary they’ll be celebrating next year. Thanks for that. It would have been nice knowing before I paid to tour it.




And the grist mill?




While attractive…



Turned out not to be so historic after all.




Yes, the Pilgrims eventually built a mill in 1636 after 10 years of grinding corn by hand. And yes, it was somewhere on Town Brook in Plymouth, though no one knows exactly where.




The mill pictured here was actually built in 1970 with many of it’s parts coming from a salvaged mill near Philly. How’s that for historical accuracy?




But we paid our money so here it is… upstairs, big stones.




And downstairs, big wheel.  I won’t bore you with the more technical details on the inner workings.




But I will share the picture and video of this poor girl sifting cornmeal. The mere thought of having to do that all day makes me appreciate the little blue Jiffy box I use to make muffins soooo much more.



And it was even louder in person, trust me.

Naturally I had to visit the gift store and buy some freshly ground meal which is when we passed this:




Feel free to groan.

I did.




Sadly I only caught sight of this book when we were leaving and didn’t have a chance to flip through it. Who knew Yetis brewed beer?




Leaving the grist mill, I spotted a scallop shell.




In Tennessee we saw painted bears, in Vermont painted cows, somewhere I can’t remember painted lighthouses.

In Plymouth?




Painted scallop shells.

To each their own…