Did you know….


There’s a school in Reykjavik, Iceland that teaches you how to spot elves?

I did, because….




Yes, you can enroll  here  and start learning all there is to know about trolls, fairies, gnomes and other assorted mythical creatures.

Admit it.
You want to go.

Did you know...

The tongues of flamingos were a common delicacy at ancient Rome feasts?




Apparently Nero thought so as well.


Did you know.

The word misteltoe derives from the Anglo-Saxon words mistel and tan?

Mistel means dung…. and tan means twig. So the next time you steal a kiss at Christmas? You’ll be doing it under a dung twig.

Can’t get much more romantic than that.






Did you know….

The band Steely Dan got it’s name from a William Bourroughs book called Naked Lunch.

Steely Dan III was a strap on dildo.





Which gives an entirely new meaning to this meme.


(Yes, all the above statements are true.

Knowledge is a wonderful thing!)





46 thoughts on “Did you know….”

  1. I’m pretty sure there’s some elf in my family tree. We don’t talk about the troll side of the family. Right, I’m off to have a flamingo tongue sandwich…


  2. After the tshirt and the link there’s a long black vertical bar that’s covering the rest of the text. I think it’s supposed to be a photo because the caption is going vertically down the right side of it. Is this just me and my computer being weird? I tried refreshing and nothing changed…


    1. It might be you. Anyone else ?
      I still see it…. here’s what you missed.
      The students in The Elfschool learn also about hundreds of Icelanders that have had personal contact with the elves themselves, and many of them have been invited into the homes of the elves and the hidden people in Iceland, and have often eaten food there and sometimes also slept there during one or more nights. – The argument that the elves and Hidden people of Iceland have saved hundreds of lives of Icelanders through the centuries is explored and explained to the students, as well as how this strange friendship between these two or many different worlds and dimensions can and does exists.”

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      1. I got the black line too. Thanks for repeating the hidden message ! And if you are curious to the cause so am I. Using Windows 10 and chrome.


      2. Thanks for trying. All I know is this… sometimes, when I copy and paste a section of text from the web it screws up the blog formatting. But I deleted it, so it should have been fine.
        I’m blaming the elves.

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      3. The Naked Lunch reminded me of a film – titled the same. Showing some of the wonderful affects of overdosing on bug spray – an experience not unlike a bad acid trip. A strangely funny movie

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  3. Only half of your post is showing up on my screen. The left half is black, the right have is there in miniature. Is that what I’m supposed to be seeing? Elves are tricky so maybe yes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Damn elves. I don’t know what’s wrong, it’s fine on this end. I copy and pasted a section from the elf college and that might be screwing everything up.
      Elves. I should have known not to blog about them!


      1. I see the t-shirt and your paragraph below it. I then see a long black rectangle on the left side of the screen with italicized words running narrowly down the right side of the screen. Then eventually the post ends.

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