CSA and grocery store chuckles.


The summer bounty continues.



And if you’ve never tried fresh lemon basil?

Please do. It’s wonderful.



Vegan bratwurst?  Oh, the horror!

Kindly keep your kale out of my artery clogging sausage. If this shows up at the next beer festival I attend….. there will be blood in the streets.



My only question here is… why?

And for something on the opposite end of the spectrum…..



Which also makes me ask… why?



Heritage popcorn?

Proof positive yuppies will buy anything that’s ridiculously overpriced.



Is it any surprise this was the only bottle left? I think not.

And finally, the real shock of the day.



Toilet paper is back… and brand names at that!

So if you heard them broadcast a code for ‘crazy lady doing happy dance on aisle 13’?

Pay no attention, the unadulterated joy of not wiping my butt with sandpaper just got away from me for a moment.

19 thoughts on “CSA and grocery store chuckles.”

      1. At least, Jell-o’s Unicorn Slime is “100% edible” (as opposed to what — 50% edible?). What this means is you can buy it with complete confidence that it probably won’t kill you.


  1. Sure, TP and paper towels are back, but are you having any luck with cleaning solutions? Particularly bathroom and floor cleaners? Those are totally sold out here, still.

    I don’t have a problem with the strawberry slime mix. It’s gotta be better than the kids eating Play Doh.

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  2. Oh lemon basil is divine!! And plant based sausage, no freaking thank you. I’m with you, if it’s not artery clogging beef, pork or chicken, then I’m out. Congrats on the toilet paper, we’ve had that here for months now, thank goodness.

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