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The Great Goat Escape …. Update.


Sadly, the goat is still on the loose.



Updates are posted every few days on our town’s Facebook page.



It’s become a bit of a hoot.



Apparently this goat was given to the owners a few weeks ago and as soon as they opened the pen to transfer it to their yard… it ran off. They’ve tried putting out food, luring it with other goats and even set up a warm shelter near where it’s been spotted… but nothing works. It runs from everyone who tries to catch it.



In 2020, this is what passes for hard news in my town.

Ya gotta love it.


CSA and grocery store giggles.


The harvests keep on coming.



Peppers, fennel, radish, celery, bok choy, chard, eggplant, salad greens and spinach.



Of course it’s fall, so even the eggplants look like pumpkins.

And at the grocery store this week? A run on creamer.



WTH? Is there a new Covid cure I’m unaware of that requires cream…

Good thing the beer aisle was still fully stocked.



And if you’re lucky enough to live in an area that stocks Sam Adams? Do yourself a favor and buy their limited edition seasonal. Jack-O Pumpkin is da bomb.



A four foot rope of sausage? Not so much.




Paper towels are still a no go. Except this one lone package… which was on sale. 6 rolls for $13. But look at the regular price. $16. That’s $2.66 a roll!



With prices like that, is it any wonder people are making their own truck repairs?



Duct tape. A most versatile product.


CSA and a few grocery store chuckles.


This week’s bounty was a large one.



Tomato, squash, radishes, zucchini, beets, parsley, celery, lettuce, Italian green beans, spinach and basil.

What it didn’t have was any of the bizarre little jewels the farm advertised at their stand.



Mouse melons.

I want!

What I didn’t want was the truck I parked behind at the grocery store telling me to eat more kale.



I’m not eating any kale, and you can’t make me.

Inside the store, this item looked interesting.



I like beer.

I like butterscotch.

But then I noticed it was non alcoholic cream soda and screamed false advertising.

You shouldn’t tease customers like that. Especially during a pandemic.

You also shouldn’t display things like this:



And not expect bloggers to take pictures and chortle over how utterly wrong they look.


CSA and grocery store weirdos.


Swiss chard, celery, onion, basil, radishes, carrots, dill, scallions, tomato, pepper and something I’d never tried before.

A Korean melon.




It’s a delicate flavor, like cantaloupe… with the consistency of a cucumber.

At the store this week –



A clearance sale on Hostess coffee.

Poor SnoBalls.

Apparently no one likes them in caffeinated liquid form either.



Italian flour.


Do the Irish and French have some as well. And if so, why?




More meatless meat. This time in balls.

So wrong.



And yes, the brand name toilet paper was still on the shelves.

But right across the aisle?


Not a Brawny or Bounty in sight.

Thirsty paper towels?

Trust me, they’re anything but.

I love my town.

I also love all the ridiculous things people post about on its Facebook page.

In case you were wondering, no one volunteered to remove the stinky little bugger and he was released.



A reasonable response, but hell.

I didn’t even know we had a potato truck!

I showed this to the husband…. but he said there’s no room in the barn.


I don’t know…


I hate when someone beats me to the perfect comment, don’t you?

A chicken plucker!

I’m shivering in avian sympathy.

CSA and grocery store chuckles.


The summer bounty continues.



And if you’ve never tried fresh lemon basil?

Please do. It’s wonderful.



Vegan bratwurst?  Oh, the horror!

Kindly keep your kale out of my artery clogging sausage. If this shows up at the next beer festival I attend….. there will be blood in the streets.



My only question here is… why?

And for something on the opposite end of the spectrum…..



Which also makes me ask… why?



Heritage popcorn?

Proof positive yuppies will buy anything that’s ridiculously overpriced.



Is it any surprise this was the only bottle left? I think not.

And finally, the real shock of the day.



Toilet paper is back… and brand names at that!

So if you heard them broadcast a code for ‘crazy lady doing happy dance on aisle 13’?

Pay no attention, the unadulterated joy of not wiping my butt with sandpaper just got away from me for a moment.

CSA, grocery shopping in Maine… and pie.


A slightly smaller bounty this week as the neighbor we split with liked more of the offerings than we did.



But there were fairy tale eggplants, so I should probably start this blog with Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time in Maine…. a local grocery store advertised their weekly ware.



Squid jigs at the grocery store.

You know you’re in Maine when….




And meanwhile down at the River ranch, there was pie.



Glorious lattice crust fresh blueberry pie.



No, I couldn’t wait for it to cool completely.



And yes, I had pie for breakfast the next morning.

If that’s wrong?

I don’t want to be right.

CSA and grocery store fails.


This week brought a nice harvest from across the road.



Fresh chives, garlic scapes, carrots, Italian green beans, tomato, radicchio, dill, radish, garlic, mesclun mix, the dreaded and totally unwanted kale…. and a monster zucchini.

Which made this picture someone posted on our local Facebook page all the funnier.



The woodchucks got the kale, and to be honest they looked less than thrilled as well.

At the grocery store this week?



What the hell happened to Triscuits?

I can’t find those, but lentil with turmeric crackers abound.




Brown rice rollers.

I might considering curling my hair with them, but as a snack?


And what fresh hell is this?



Plant based Oreos?

That’s an abomination.

CSA, grocery store oddities and…. pie.


Our neighbor’s farm is still churning out a bounty.




This week it was fresh basil, beets, parsley, Boston lettuce, giant scallions, heirloom zucchini and a large radish.

But oh, what a beautiful radish it was…



Who knew they could be so gorgeous!

This week at my local grocery store…



Seriously, are we back to hoarding paper towels now?


It’s enough to make me want to grab a pitchfork and storm someone’s pantry. The world is not ending Karen… you don’t need 72 rolls of Bounty.

On another note, this –



Parmesan style what?

And why in hell would anyone buy fake cheese.



For all we know that stuff is grated styrofoam.

Sprinkle it on your spaghetti or cushion that garden gnome you’re mailing to Aunt Edna.. it’s nothing if not versatile.

And finally…. pie.

But not the fruit or cream variety.



Shepherd’s Pie, one of my husband’s favorite comfort foods.



Made with ground lamb thank you very much. If it’s beef, it’s Cottage Pie.

It shouldn’t surprise you to know the husband ate every drop of these two dishes. I’ll cook it, but rarely eat it. Too bland by far.

CSA and grocery store horrors.


This week’s offering from our CSA was a little lean on our end because there were a lot of things we don’t eat and elected to let our neighbor take.




Cilantro, bok choi, kale, turnips, spigarello, fennel, and kohlrabi? We passed.

But the chard was rainbow colored…




So there is that.

And in the continuing saga of bizarre grocery items found on my local shelves…..




Every possible mutation of pasta imaginable are still being pushed.




As is the ever present  (and still disgusting)  kale.

Delicious? I doubt it.

Crazy good? Not possible.

Stop the insanity and put kale back where it belongs…. in a rabbit’s colon. Other than the trash can, that’s the only proper place.




Thankfully there was one sane product line of which I took full advantage.




Let the grilling begin.