Worst. Dog. Toy. Ever.


In fairness to my dog loving readers who must cringe at the plethora of cat posts on my page … here’s one for you.



Wondering what your next birthday or Christmas gift to Fido should be?



Mr. Poops. Because you can never go wrong with a morose black turd.



No need to thank me. The thought of Mr. Poop happily squeaking his way through your house is all the gratitude I need.


22 thoughts on “Worst. Dog. Toy. Ever.”

  1. With four dogs, one of them free ranging, we are always confisticating unidentified animal parts from them. I won’t be spending $12 bucks for something that looks similar to the treasures they find on their own.

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  2. Squeaking toys have a life expectancy of about 15 minutes here. After that, it’s an empty shell, the squeaker and 4 tons of stuffing are spread over the couch. Still, I wouldn’t buy this.


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