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One mad mother chucker.


I’m not sure why…



But momma woodchuck always looks pissed off.



Is it because her children are always under foot?



Or because the pesky human woman keeps spraying all the tasty munchies with coyote urine?



Maybe it’s because her tatas are hanging so low they scrape the rock wall.

Tough call… but I’m going with gravity. That’s bound to make any woman cranky.


A bridge too far.


It’s bad enough my husband stops at every yard sale he sees.




It’s bad enough he comes home from the dump with more than he went with.

It’s bad enough he built a giant barn and filled it with useless stuff before it was completed.




But what happened the other day?

Is a bridge too far.

We woke up, had a lovely breakfast, went outside and saw something on the barn porch. I didn’t think it was a good something…

But the husband dragged it inside before it could run away.








Someone left an old sewing machine.




Complete with original boxes of accessories….




And owners manual… with free mouse turd. Ack!

We have no idea who committed this heinous crime…. but when I find out?

They will feel my wrath.



The husband needs no help finding old worthless junk!

So please… I beg you.

Bypass our porch and take your crap to the dump next time!

(Though not the one in our town, or any neighboring towns where he’s apt to shop.)