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Flowers, flags and foolishness.


Flowers –

For a pure burst of summer color?



You can’t beat peonies.



They’re bright, lush and smell heavenly.



Flags –

Or as my husband calls them…



Guest towels from the spare bathroom you nail into a long piece of wood when your wife isn’t looking.

Foolishness –



The gift a friend gives you because she knows you’re allergic to horsefly bites.



With a name like the Bug Bite Thing, you don’t expect it to work.



And no surprise, it didn’t. A horsefly bit me, I suctioned my arm as directed and still swelled up like a politician at a pay by the plate fundraising dinner.

More foolishness –



Contains 40% urea.


Don’t know what urea is?

Google it, I’ll wait.



Who in the world wants to rub urine on their feet.

And on the off chance I ever do? I’ll save myself some money and ask the neighbor’s dog to pee on me. Lord knows he’s been trying to for years.


I am not happy. Again.


Remember the beautiful mallow I planted this spring?




They were doing so well.




I’d found the perfect spot for them and was looking forward to years of  beautiful blooms.

But it won’t happen.





So I sprayed.




And they ate right through it.

I sprayed again.




It didn’t repel anything. Matter of fact, I think they liked it better that way.

So I sprayed a third time.




You know where this is headed right? I spread red pepper flakes, I scattered moth balls… it didn’t matter.

And now?

My beautiful mallow look like this:




The adorable  and quite ungrateful, I feed them apples for Christ’s sake!  little furry creatures discovered my mallow and decided to keep noshing no matter what deterrent I tried.




Yes, I’m talking to you.

Apparently mallow is a tasty woodchuck treat, and they made short work of my once gorgeous plants.

They nibbled so much and so quickly, I had to dig the plants up and put them in pots on our deck.

And then….





The  I still love them but they’re trying my patience  tiny devils climbed up on the deck, tracked down the mallow and tried to munch them right in front of me.

That’s balls.

So now?




My ugly ass, half dead, skinny, leafless stalks of mallow are up on the table looking ridiculous while I ply them with Miracle Grow and hope for the best.

But I am really not happy.

A Covid 19 4th of July.


We were invited to a few get togethers last weekend, but passed on all of them. I’m afraid I just don’t trust people well enough to gather in groups yet.

So I took a picture of my new, appropriately patriotic flowering plant….




And we stayed home to mow the lawn instead.




Yard work is an all day event ’round here, but it’s quite satisfying.




The daylilies are popping…. and when we were through mowing and whacking and trimming we fired up the grill.




And had an adult beverage while the husband stared, still enraptured by his new toy and it’s viewing window.

( Latest Seagram’s flavor review: Wild Berries – meh. Won’t be buying that one again.)




After some truly marvelous steaks, husband raked grass clumps…. and while I was cleaning up the kitchen?

I looked out the window….. and took a picture through the screen which looks like a bad acid trip.




( Or so I’ve been told. I have no personal experience. No. Not me. Uh uh. )

But yes.

That cute little bugger was at it again.




Eating one of the flowers he’s not supposed to like to eat.

Someone needs to revise that list.





Baby barn beautification.


I think I forgot to post the final results of all the husband’s  he didn’t want to do it and grumbled the whole time  hard work bordering my garden bed.




And while I’m not usually a huge marigold fan…..




I do like the yellow and orange colors against the red barn, so I filled the bed with them and mulched.




With a baby chucker watching me the entire time. Thankfully marigolds are unappetizing to wildlife….. so he sniffed and moved on.





Baby barn beautification complete.



Garden fluff.


Since our spring was so late and cool, things have been blooming a bit more slowly this year.




But no matter when it blooms, if there’s any better smell than fresh lilacs?




I’ve yet to find it.




Though honeysuckle comes in a close second.

This one doesn’t look like much from far away…




But up close it’s pretty sweet.




These Mallow I planted a few weeks ago have quickly become my favorite new bloomer.




Naturally when I went back to the nursery for more they were sold out.

Boo to that.




June in Maine means rhododendrons…..




As well as Lupine.

And I love these purple beauties!



It was one of those days when you just want to freeze time.


The weather was perfect.



75 degrees with bright sunshine and a gentle breeze.



We’d spent the day mowing and trimming and weeding….



And everything looked perfect.



Lilacs were cut for vases and perfumed the air with the scent of a long awaited spring.



And we ended the day with adult beverages on the big barn porch…. where the only thing to worry about was walking back inside for refills.

Life is good.

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?


On a late afternoon trip to Home Depot for baby barn supplies….and okay, maybe a plant or two…. we were desperately hungry and hit the McDonalds drive thru.

If you know how much we hate McDonalds, you’ll know how desperately hungry we were.




Geranium perched between my legs, we scarfed down the  (is this supposed to be edible?)  food.

And while we were doing that?




They gathered.




One  by one, on both sides… as well as in the front and the back.

Not wanting to re-create a Tippi Hendren phone booth scene, we ate quickly and fled.

I may not be able to find flour….


But I really need something blooming in my life right now so I masked up and headed to a local nursery down the road for the other kind of flower.




No make up, no manicure and wearing a sweatshirt.

The Corona lock down has definitely put a nail in the coffin of my beauty regime.

Please note the mask is color coordinated though.

I’m not a heathen FFS.



Came home with a car load full of pansies, begonias, geraniums, mallow and a container of pretty I don’t know what.



This will be a good start… but no where near enough to fill my beds.