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Gobble, gobble.


Far be it for me to hawk a product from Amazon, I’m sure Jeff Bezos is doing just fine without my help. But I ordered this little jewel the other day….



And was amazed at well it worked.



Yes, it’s just a stupid plastic thing with a serrated end.



But that sucker slides right down my bathroom sinks and shower drains and brings up all manner of nasty clogs. (I’ll spare you photographic evidence of my claim, suffice it to say I have a head of thick curly hair that doesn’t always stay on my head.)



Save yourself a visit from the plumber (and his crack) . Buy a Green Gobbler today!


Because I’m that kind of wife.


My husband recently had a birthday.





I’m that kind of wife as well, but I digress.

Along with some very nice, serious gifts…

I ordered him something from Amazon.




The box it came in was rather disappointing.

But nothing could dampen the sheer joy I felt at giving him….

A rock.





Yes, Cindy.

I did.

I bought him a rock…




A rock!

Or rather, a solid metal rock replica.




Because after our recent vacation in Arizona, and all the amazing rocks we saw out there… ( did I tell you about that? I seem to remember some subtle mentioning of rocks) …. I had to present my beloved with his very own rock (replica).

And may I just say?

Bravo Amazon.





I don’t know what kind of algorithm you’re running, but as I was searching the mystery/thriller book section?

You recommended a rock.

Talk about knowing your audience.




And so am I.

I never knew Jeff Bezos had time to read my blog.