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Our first Sedona resort.


Week one found us at the Ridge on Sedona Golf, a nice resort in the oak Creek Village section of Sedona. Out of the way, peaceful and quite lovely.




Admittedly, the bright green grass on the course was a bit of a shock after all the brown and red…




But the contrast with the red rock cliffs was stunning.




This was our building…




Which was not the one I originally requested. Seeing that it was a special trip (35th wedding anniversary) and we’d never been to Sedona before, I asked for a top floor unit with a great view. Lush green golf course with stunning red rocks in the background? Sign me up!


So we went to the first assigned condo and found a stunning view…. which was completely obscured in every window by thick black netting used to hold back the waywardly struckĀ  golf balls. It was hideous! So hideous, I didn’t even get a chance to grab my phone and take a picture of it’s hideousness before the husband was storming out of the unit and back to the front desk. Mind you, this was prime season in Sedona and resorts are usually full of snowbirds. Thankfully they were able to switch us to another quiet section, although our balcony view wasn’t as impressive.




It was still a canyon…




But the back end, with no red rocks.




Unless you count the ones around the grills…




Oh well, at least it was net free.

The condo was nice enough.




Done up in the southwestern colors you’d expect.




New appliances, granite countertops…





Of course the toaster sucked, as they always do.




It never ceases to amaze me how these places that will spend thousands on renovations and decorations can’t shell out the extra $10 for a decent toaster… but I digress.




It was a comfortable, if smaller place than we’re used to.




But the king sized bed was comfy…




The bathroom was big…




With a tub…




And shower.




Our neighbors were quiet…




And before long a mist descended on the canyon obscuring the only peak of red rock we could see from our kitchen window.




Past the tree, through the parking lot and over the other building…. it was there, I promise.







Any Arizona WordPressers out there?


The husband and I have plannedĀ  ( and by that I mean me, all me, nothing but me, he doesn’t do squat ) a trip to Sedona, Arizona in January to celebrate our anniversary.

We’ll have been married 35 years by then, and I figured if the Petrified Forest isn’t an appropriate place to celebrate, nothing is.





(Yeah, that’s pretty much us. Except it’s more like a quarter than two thirds.)

Neither one of us have ever been out that way and aside from visiting all the “must see” spots like the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Cathedral Rock, the Painted Desert and the aforementioned Forest… I was wondering if any local Arizonians could tell us where to go.

(It’s not often I ask people to tell me where to go….. you should take full advantage.)



We don’t mind driving long distances and love to explore, though Sedona will be our base at night. We’re up for mild hiking and serious cocktailing. (Okay, that might just be me.)





(Damn, what happens if you’re both?)

So please, drop a comment and tell me where your favorite Arizona places are, what we shouldn’t miss and the best watering holes you know.