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Only in America

I read something the other day that literally made me snort.

It was a list of people’s thoughts on visiting the United States for the first time…. and what they found unusual.

Here are a few.

I dare you not to laugh.

Because really…

Sometimes you need more from 7/11 than a raspberry Slurpee.

Well, we do like to super size things.

Including our hips, thighs and waistlines.

That’s so true you don’t have to laugh.

Also true.

And before your uber patriotic fingers start typing hate mail… we’re a family of veterans, I love my country. But you have to admit, we are very in your face about it.


They have a point there.

Rocks, Kachinas and naked reflections.

Let’s start with the reflections.

The resort where we were staying had a large master bath which was covered in tile. It also had a whirlpool tub as well as a shower, and the tub was surrounded by mirrors.

IMG_3446 (2)

Mind you, it was bad enough having to wake up in the morning and stare at myself sitting on the throne….

But stepping out of the shower and seeing 57 naked reflections of myself?

That’s the stuff of nightmares.

IMG_3447 (3)


That’s a whole lotta me.



Moving on…


Another trip to Flagstaff meant more red rocks.


Good point Paul.

And some pretty stupid signs.



I always thought they were transparent.


This one really killed me.

In Maine, we don’t need warning signs for this. We see it as common sense, but like I said…

Arizona is a very different place.

While in Flagstaff, the husband dragged me through a few antique stores. We made it out empty handed until the final stop, where he wanted to buy this.


Name That Crap.


In retaliation, and since I still hadn’t found that special momento to take home, I made him visit the Kachina House.


For those who don’t know…


I’d seen these marvelous hand carved beauties at quite a few places…


And fell in love with all their different stories…


Most of which I can’t remember….


But still.


Aren’t they grand?


No, I wouldn’t dream of it.

So after being shocked at the prices of Native American jewelry at the other store,  I decided the Mouse Warrior was coming home with me.


Revered for his bravery and selflessness, the Warrior Mouse staked his own limbs to the ground and offered himself up to a hawk that had been stealing the tribe’s chickens… but our rodent hero ended up killing the dreaded bird of prey instead.

A martyr mouse? I liked it.

What I didn’t like was the $975 price tag.

Bye bye mouse.

I’m told people actively collect Kachinas and have display cases full of them, which would be lovely…. but a wee bit too costly.

So I did what every good tourist lady whose husband was looking over her shoulder does…

I hit the sale table.


And got a nice piece of hand thrown, hand painted Hopi pottery…


And an adorable seed pod wall hanging….


Both signed by well known local Native American artists.

I also cheaped out and bought 3 miniature Kachinas for my desk.


(Hummingbird, Mud Head and Kokopelli, from left to right.)

Not nearly as nice or intricately carved, but their price tag didn’t make my husband stroke out…. which is always a good thing when you’re on vacation.