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Things you might need, or not.


If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know I love cheese. And soft ripened French cheese? Ooh la la!



But Camembert cheese potato chips? Be still my artery clogged heart!



If not for the fact that these are probably laden with chemicals and enough sugar to sweeten a lemon grove…. they might be fun.



Wow. This has got to win the ugliest lamp ever award.



And disappointingly, just when I was thinking of ordering one as a gag gift…. I read a bunch of comments saying it was fake.



I love steampunk, but judging from the price on their website I’m guessing they’re right.

Damn. It might have looked great on the bar.


Things I like today.


I like flipping through magazines and finding cocktail recipes.



Mmm…. this sounds refreshing. Needless to say I shall be adjusting the required alcohol amounts. 3 tbsps of gin? Bitch, please.



I like finding a decent cat food Lord Dudley Mountcatten will actually eat.



Three ingredients, you can’t beat that.



In other news, I like cheese.



Tell me you haven’t felt the same way. Go ahead… I dare you.



If you’ve never tried Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products you really should. Their scents are marvelous. Basil, geranium, honeysuckle, bluebell and the latest… fresh mown grass. Ooh la la! If it wasn’t so soapy I swear I’d use it as perfume.



And finally, I like Dudley’s laissez faire attitude when it comes to dining. If the human puts your dinner in front of you when you’re lying down? Why bother getting up….


Say it isn’t so.


I dealt with the toilet paper shortage.

I survived the run on flour.

But the newest Covid related tragedy might just tip me over the edge.



Yes, boys and girls…. our fettuccini Alfredo is about to put a bigger dent in our wallets.



God damn you Corona virus! Isn’t it enough you’ve made a trip to the hardware store seem like a big day out?



Leave my cheese alone!

*She says as she allots more money in the budget. Who needs those pesky prescriptions anyway?*


Did you know….?



It’s true, I do.

Did you know…

Russian men who wore beards during the reign of Peter of the Great were required to pay a special tax?




For his sake, I hope the rate was per beard and not per hair.

Did you know…

John Lennon’s first girlfriend was named Thelma Pickles?




I feel like I should comment on that, but it would probably go south quickly so I’ll refrain.

Did you know…

Reindeer have glands between their toes? They leave scent trails for the herd to follow and, wait for it –

It smells like cheese.


download (1)


I don’t know about reindeer, but I’d follow the scent of cheese anywhere.

Did you know…

An ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain?




Sorry big guy, but yes. It’s true.

Did you know….

Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great historical king. Spades – King David. Clubs – Alexander the Great. Hearts – Charlemagne. Diamonds – Julius Caesar.



Did you know…

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most difficult tongue twister is :

The sixth sick Sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick.

That didn’t look so hard, until I tried to say it a few times.



Only in America

I read something the other day that literally made me snort.

It was a list of people’s thoughts on visiting the United States for the first time…. and what they found unusual.

Here are a few.

I dare you not to laugh.

Because really…

Sometimes you need more from 7/11 than a raspberry Slurpee.

Well, we do like to super size things.

Including our hips, thighs and waistlines.

That’s so true you don’t have to laugh.

Also true.

And before your uber patriotic fingers start typing hate mail… we’re a family of veterans, I love my country. But you have to admit, we are very in your face about it.


They have a point there.

CSA Week 3 and 4… because I forgot and you probably don’t care anyway.


Our half share of the 3rd CSA from our neighbor was a lovely assortment.




Swiss chard, white radishes, green leaf lettuce, carrots, mesclun mix, spinach, cucumber, basil and ….




What I thought was parsley.




But turned out to be chervil. If nothing else, I’m learning a lot about green things this summer.

With those fresh ingredients, it was spinach salad with apples, radish, mushroom and purple onion for dinner.




Yes, I like a little parm on top as well.




A bright berry mixed green salad was dinner the next night.




Week 4 saw the family we split with out of town, so we received the entire share.




And that’s a big bag of veg.




Zucchini, turnip, cucumber, mustard greens, parsley, carrots, mesclun mix, parsnip, spinach, lemon basil, butterhead lettuce and cilantro.




Not being fennel fans, we passed that and the dreaded cilantro off to a friend.

But ooh la la!




Fresh aromatic lemon basil meant from scratch marinade…




For delicious grilled chicken breasts that night.




Recipe below if anyone is interested.







Proof positive you can fry anything?


The Macaroni and Cheese Bites we had as an appetizer the other day.

I wanted to hate them…




But damn it, they were great.




I know!

But they were cheesy, and oohey, and gooey and… damn it!


What made it even worse was serving the stupid things with a little tub of melted herb cheese sauce for dipping.




I know!

Fried mac and cheese, dipped in cheese.

Double damn it!

We’re all doomed.



So…. cheese.


Never let it be said we don’t know how to have fun on vacation.

November is an odd month in Vermont. Since it’s after leaf peeping season, but before ski season… many places close down for a we’re sick of the stupid tourists month long winter siesta. This leaves explorers like us with limited opportunities, hence cheese on day 3.

Cabot, Vermont is home to Cabot cheese…. and they take it very seriously.



It’s cheese, how can you not?




A tour of the creamery and free sampling is a must, so off we went.




Only to arrive and be told they no longer give creamery tours because the government shut the program down due to food contamination concerns.

At first I was bereft….

No cheese?




Then I was mad.




No cheese at the cheese factory?



The salesgirl must have seen my  “I have PMS and a handgun, any questions?”  face because she immediately directed us to the tasting station.




Slightly mollified, I got my cheese on.




I made my way around the table, but still must have looked  homicidal  dissatisfied, because the salesgirl made a special tasting plate for us with the expensive limited reserve cheese and pairing jams.




I must have smiled…. she retreated behind the counter.




This was as close as we got to the creamery.




But there were cow facts.

And a gift shop full of tasty treats.




We bought the elderberry.

I believe I heard the salesgirl exhale loudly in relief when we left. Clearly she realized how close she had to come to death…..

Do not come between me and my cheese.