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A day late and a dollar short.


That’s me. Always missing the big events.

Half the time I’ve never heard of them or even knew they were a ‘thing’.

Case in point – did you know May was National Masturbation Month?

I didn’t either!

But it was, and I missed it.

I also missed this:



For which I am eternally grateful.




But I’m not sure whether I should be thrilled or horrified.



Well isn’t that special?



So please, someone do the research and let me know if any records were broken.

I’ll be busy trying to figure out how to tag this post without attracting every porn spammer in the blogosphere.

I love my town.


Want to put your finger on the pulse of your town?

Check out the Facebook group pages.




No matter how large or small your particular hamlet is, chances are someone, somewhere is administrating a page for it.

I haven’t had so much fun in years!

You’ll learn very quickly who the town gossips are, where to find a free 40 year old slightly faded recliner, which families have been feuding since 1923,  who stole the carrots off the honor system garden cart, the residents you should avoid at all costs, and where the best wild raspberries are found.

There are also important things like this:




That’s news you can use people!



Neighbors helping neighbors…


loud flying things


*Note to self- avoid the White Road*






Granted, if you live in the city you won’t have such interesting headlines.

But loose chickens can be a problem anywhere…