Products no one needs.


I know we’ve all become lazy housebound sods who can’t be bothered to put on pants during the pandemic, but this?



This is a bridge too far.

The day I’m too lazy to stir my own pan you have permission to slit my throat, fill it with kale and put me out of my misery.

And while I’m all for cocktails?




I have absolutely no intention of sharing my margaritas with llamas.


Not happening.




Oh, yeah.

Kitty Hitler looks positively thrilled.




Let’s ponder this for a moment.

Someone thought about, invented, pitched, found investment capital and marketed….. a hammock for fish.

Is this a great country or what!

And finally…. when your dog no longer needs his collar of shame?




You can re-purpose it in the kitchen.

You’re welcome.

31 thoughts on “Products no one needs.”

  1. I have a friend who wrapped everything around his stove, including appliances, walls and counters, with foil before allowing his girlfriend to fry bacon. I’d get him that spatter shield but I’m sure he wouldn’t trust it.

    Do the people who make these things think about cleaning and storage?

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  2. Let me ask you this: have you ever made gumbo from scratch? A proper roux requires nonstop stirring for at least 45 minutes. I’ve done it a few times and would have killed for the automatic pan stirrer! Risotto is the same.

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  3. I would like to comment on three of them: (1). The self stirrer. I have a nice blender that has a whisk attachment already. (2) Cat toy. You do not think the cat can get at whatever you got inside that thing? That would be the mother of all poor assumptions and underestimations. Give our cat 20 minutes alone with that thing. (3) Fish Hammock. To add to your amazement on peoples daring ingenuity, the inventor will no doubt find a market. Somewhere. Somehow.

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  4. Drinking animals coloring book sounds like a generational thing. My generation likes to have a glass of wine and maybe talk art and go see in person the animals but some might prefer the video or coloring books lately. Who knows?

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