I’m in!


Let me just throw this out there… I love dinosaurs!

Always have, always will. While other little girls were playing with baby dolls and decorating Barbie’s stupid dream house, I was waging a life and death battle with my T Rex and Brontosaur. When other children wanted to go to Madison Square Garden to see the circus, I begged my parents to take me to the Museum of Natural History to see the Stegosaurus skeleton. In a perfect world I would have grown up to be a fossil hunter, endlessly scouring

the Black Hills for remnants of the Cretaceous. The best I can do now? Live vicariously through documentaries my husband thinks are dry as toast. Until this one –



Tomorrow on Apple TV, the dinosaur documentary to end all dinosaur documentaries will begin. Hosted by David Attenborough…. All Hail Sir David! …it’s the dino version of Planet Earth and I can’t wait.



*note to self – buy copious amounts of popcorn and butter*



Now that’s tv worth watching!


16 thoughts on “I’m in!”

  1. I saw a great documentary on the asteroid strike that killed the dinosaurs. It was an episode of Nova. Even if one was out of range of the blast, the white-hot debris falling set forests on fire all over the world.

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