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I’m in!


Let me just throw this out there… I love dinosaurs!

Always have, always will. While other little girls were playing with baby dolls and decorating Barbie’s stupid dream house, I was waging a life and death battle with my T Rex and Brontosaur. When other children wanted to go to Madison Square Garden to see the circus, I begged my parents to take me to the Museum of Natural History to see the Stegosaurus skeleton. In a perfect world I would have grown up to be a fossil hunter, endlessly scouring

the Black Hills for remnants of the Cretaceous. The best I can do now? Live vicariously through documentaries my husband thinks are dry as toast. Until this one –



Tomorrow on Apple TV, the dinosaur documentary to end all dinosaur documentaries will begin. Hosted by David Attenborough…. All Hail Sir David! …it’s the dino version of Planet Earth and I can’t wait.



*note to self – buy copious amounts of popcorn and butter*



Now that’s tv worth watching!


Getting my geek on.


While I’m not a huge television person, I do tend to leave the husband to his own devices at night ( and by this I mean John Wayne and MSNBC, not self gratification )  and curl up in bed with a remote of my own on occasion.

More often than not? I’ll be watching some dry as toast documentary that no one else finds the least bit appealing.

Case in point?




Yeah…. I loved it.

And if you’re wondering why the husband and I have to watch separate tv’s?

I once made him watch a 4 part series about Kublai and Genghis Khan called  “Mongol Horde… Storm From The East”.  He fell asleep 10 minutes into every episode and still never forgave me.

On my current DVR list?



Forbidden History is my jam.

Juicy secrets from the past….. what’s not to love?




I just discovered Unearthed.

And have been walking through the Valley of the Kings, marveling over ancient Thebes and reading hieroglyphs from the Temple of Karnak …. in my pajamas.

You can’t beat that with a stick.




I also record PBS’s Nature.




And now want a pet Pangolin.




I mean really…




How could I not?